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   Chapter 439 Did You Ever Have A Girlfriend

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10951

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Jean sensed that Moore still had something to say. "Just say it, Moore. You don't have to sugarcoat your words in front of me."

After Jean said that, Moore heaved a deep sigh and thought about it a for a moment before saying,"Well, do you think it's okay to reprimand Maranda in front of Ron like that? After all Maranda is a girl, and she didn't really cross the line. It was just a joke between friends. You don't really need to take it seriously."

"I wasn't that serious!" Jean knew what Moore wanted to say. She sighed and said,"I know Maranda's personality. Regardless of the situation, she always spit out whatever was on her mind impulsively. Do you think it was not a big deal? I got mad at her on purpose today, so that she could learn a lesson and keep it in her mind. If Ron didn't understand my intention, it is his problem. I don't want to explain to him."

Moore scratched his head. "Well, all right. But even if Ron understood your intention and ended up not blaming you for bullying his girlfriend, what about Maranda? How do you think she felt about it? Since she was born this way, couldn't you have told her in a milder way and a politer manner?" Moore said with a slight resignation on his tone.

"With that brain of hers, do you think she would understand if I was a bit milder and less expressive?" Jean looked at Moore with amusement and said,"Don't worry about it. Maranda won't hold any grudge against me. I know I was a little too harsh to her, but only by treating her this way will I be able to make her not commit the same mistake in the future."

Moore sighed. "Well, okay. I have nothing more to say since you put it that way."

Jean nodded and then her eyebrows furrowed into a frown. "But did you ever notice how Ron paid a special attention to this car? I think he took several glances before he left." Jean then turned to Toby on the driver's seat. "Toby, please put this car in the garage after you come back, and next time, please choose a less flamboyant car."

"Will do," Toby replied earnestly with a short nod. Jean then turned her attention back to Moore.

"Moore, do you want to go anywhere special for fun like the beach? I was planning to ask Maranda and Ron to go with us to the beach, but Maranda made me so upset that I shook that thought away. I am not so sure if she would still say something silly to piss you off if I asked her to come with us. In that case, I would cry my eyes out for ruining the evening."

Moore looked at her as Jean spoke again. "Do you think I am a narrow-minded person without any senses?" Hearing Jean say so, Moore chuckled softly and responded with a wry smile on his face,"I don't have anywhere special to go, so we can go to the beach."

Jean's eyes sparked. "Speaking of the beach, I have done something stupid at the beach before." In order to relieve the awkward air, Jean started to narrate with a smile,"When I just married Zed, his first love Eva always found excuses to show up in front of Zed. She was trying so hard to get back together with Zed, despite knowing the face that I had already married Zed then. It came to the point that I got so sick of her badgering us that I even helped set her up with Zed, so they could get back together again."

This was the first t

you. Why did she side with my adoptive parents and push me to take over my family's business instead of supporting me with my own dreams and ambitions? Who had the right to tell me that running a business was the perfect career, leading to a perfect life? For a few days, I was tortured by all these questions in my head. When I couldn't take it anymore, I broke up with her without telling her the reason why. I still remember how her face turned into surprise and then sadness finally appeared on her face. I could also remember how tears started to brim her eyes, but she managed to keep them there. For a long while, she just looked at me with those sorrowful eyes, and I stared at her back. It was as if she was trying to look for any sign of hesitation in my eyes, waiting for me to take back what I said. But I didn't. In the end, she agreed and was the first one to turn and walk away. Since then, I haven't seen her even just once.

My adoptive parents felt very sorry when they learned that we had broken up. I knew they were sad, because they believed it was her who could convince me to forget about the pursuit of my own dreams. Then again, I still felt the regret soon after that. After all, we had been together for three years. A lot already have happened then. The pain was more than I could endure after I lost her. I tried to find her, hoping that I could apologize and ask if we can get back together. However, she was nowhere to be found. It was not until I got my master's degree that I heard from my old friends that she was already married to someone else. What's more, her husband was a classmate of hers, who had been loving her secretly, but failed because of me. I was still the reason that if I hadn't committed that mistake of letting her go, we would probably still be together and not them."

Moore lowered his eyes, feeling the sadness build inside his heart as he reminisced about all those times he was with her. He didn't say anything more. Jean rubbed her hand on Moore's back and sighed. "Aww, it's such a shame that both of you loved each other but ended up broken. Maybe, she just wasn't the right person for you just as you weren't for her."

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