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   Chapter 438 What Are You Thinking About

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6844

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Jean sighed heavily as she finished the order. As soon as Maranda saw that, she was relieved.

Maranda was not sure as to how they would be able to finish these dishes all by themselves.

But her expression was calm as she sipped tea.

Maranda couldn't control the expression on her face, which changed drastically.

It was inevitable for Jean to notice the subtle expression on Maranda's face. But Jean was really curious.

As far as Jean knew, Maranda had never squandered her money on unnecessary things though she was born in a rich family.

The lunch was just fine but Maranda was not enjoying it at all as she kept thinking the bill she had to pay throughout.

Was the allowance given to Maranda not enough?

Didn't she have a rich boyfriend?

Stupid girl!

As that thought crossed Jean's mind, she shook her head and picked up her tea.

They talked, laughed and enjoyed the meal as soon as it was served.

The atmosphere was very calm as Jean chatted with Maranda and Moore talked with Ron.

"Jean, will Shirley go to jail? She should serve ten years in jail because of what she has done. This is how she would learn her lesson," Maranda was curious so she asked.

Jean and Moore looked at each other and Jean finally decided to tell Maranda the truth. Jean thought that she at least deserved that as Maranda had treated them to a nice meal.

"Maybe even longer than ten years. Police charge will decide this!" Jean replied as she smiled and looked at Maranda.

"What?" Maranda opened her eyes widely and looked at Jean. She then asked,"You mean that Shirley ruined her own life by a mere kidnapping case? How's that possible? Nobody got hurt and she didn't even get the money."

"It's not just about the kidnapping case. She hired someone to get Winner killed," Jean explained and then sighed.

"What?" This time even Ron was startled.

Jean looked at them and nodded. "You didn't hear me wrong! Shirley actually got her brother killed. So it would be nearly impossible for her to leave the police station

laining about it. . Be good to Ron and everything will be alright."

"Yeah! I know you are the best!" Maranda got happy.

Jean looked at Maranda and shook her head.

Ron had thought to explain to Jean on behalf of Maranda since he didn't think it was right to fight over jokes among friends.

As he saw Jean had taught Maranda a lesson, he didn't want to see Maranda get sad.

Ron also remembered that the relationship between Zed and Jean had been tough. If Zed was here, things could have been worse.

In his eyes, Jean considered Maranda her good friend. That was why she said that bluntly.

Although Maranda was a good girl but she didn't think before she talked.

Although Maranda didn't look bad, she could have been taken as a planner if someone found out what she did.

It was actually good for Maranda to learn a lesson. Ron was relieved as he thought that.

He looked at Jean and admired her.

Only true friends would do that to Maranda!

Ron understood Jean's good intention even if Maranda didn't realize that. So he didn't say anything or show partiality to his girlfriend.

After lunch, they parted ways in front of the hotel. As Jean noticed Ron's surprised face towards the modified Bentley outside the hotel, she decided to exchange cars as it was too outstanding.

On their way home, Moore saw Jean was lost in thought.

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