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   Chapter 437 It's Too Prominent

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7411

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Now Jean couldn't help laughing out loud. "I don't want your heart, Maranda! You can keep it to yourself for Ron! But you'll to meet me for lunch now. I am starving. If you don't give me a large treat, I am going to be really angry about it and pout over it!"

"Jean, you are not angry with me anymore, are you? And yes, yes, yes... I will surely meet you for lunch right now!" After hearing Jean's words, Maranda agreed to her proposal in surprise.

It was only after they had hung up the call did she realize that Jean wasn't calling because she was angry or wanted to blame her!

She had been needlessly frightened into a cold sweat just now.

Jean hung up the phone and got into the car with great satisfaction. It was with great pleasure that she narrated their conversation with a smile to Moore. "Moore, you can't imagine how terribly frightened Maranda was by me just now."

She told him about the conversation they had just now and then kept on laughing for another few moments.

Moore didn't think that it was funny, but he was still moved by how amazing the friendship between the two women was.

If a person didn't care about you, he wouldn't respond the way Maranda had done no matter what you said or did.

Through several contacts, Moore had seen that although Maranda was rather impulsive sometimes, she was genuinely concerned about Jean and

he was really happy for Jean to have found such a sincere friend in her.

"Where are we going now?" Moore asked Jean as he saw that she had stopped laughing now.

"I have no idea. Maranda said that she would invite us to dinner in the best, most expensive restaurant in the city!" Jean smiled and shook her head. "Toby, you know where it is, right?''

Toby in the driver's seat nodded immediately. "Yes, Mrs. Jean. I know exactly what she meant!"

"OK then, let's go!" Jean said with a smile.

The car moved steadily along the road. But after a few moments, Jean remembered what Moore told her once before. She murmured in a low voice,"Toby, please don't drive this car next time. It's too prominent."

"OK, Mrs. Jean." Toby nodded in agreement.

They soon arrived at the Regent Hotel, which was known to be four star for service b

aranda forgotten John?

In any case, she was with Ron now, and they had each other!

"OK, I think we should change the topic or these two are going to get bored." Jean glanced at Moore and Ron.

"Say what you want to say. Don't worry about the two of us." Ron hastily stopped them from stopping their conversation.

"The first time I met you, you weren't so easy to get along with, Ron. You've changed so much now!" Jean said with a smile. Suddenly, she seemed to recall something and asked,"Where is Calvin? I haven't seen him in a long time."

She hadn't seen him since the party that night.

Actually, it was also the first time she had seen Maranda since that day, let alone meet Calvin!

"He went back to Imperial Capital," Ron answered her. "His family asked him to come back. I think they had a family emergency or something. But he will come back soon. If you want to say something, I'll be happy to tell it to him for you."

"Nothing, I just asked casually." Jean shook her head hastily.

Ron said nothing more and didn't press the matter as was his habit. He called the waiter and they began ordering.

Jean wasn't about to relent on Maranda and she certainly wasn't giving up on her promise. Her order had comprised of the best, most delicious, and the most expensive dishes!

Even though Maranda was a rich young lady, her face twitched every time she heard Jean order a dish, especially when her eyes fell on the prices mentioned in the menu.

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