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   Chapter 435 A Farewell To The Company

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9819

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Although John had already said that he would try his best to act as her colleague around her, Jean did not know why she still feel embarrassed every time she saw him.

'No wonder Maranda was so upset and avoided me for a period of time. It was because she had known that John liked me while I was still in the shadow.

It seems that love traps people and makes them do crazy things.'

With these thoughts in mind, Jean heaved a deep sigh before opening the door of the company.

As soon as she entered the office, most of her colleagues looked at her in surprise and amazement. They warmly gather around her and greeted her with wide smiles. "Jean, welcome back!"

"It's so great to see you back. We thought you have forgotten us and wouldn't come here again."

"Agree. You haven't come back to the company for so long. Where did you go?"

"Is it because Mr. Qi does not allow you to go back to work?"

Faced with endless questions, Jean felt embarrassed. She was surrounded by several people who looked at her and waited for her to answer all these questions. Jean did not know how to answer them.

Before, Jean hadn't been very familiar with these colleagues, but after staying in the company for a few months, they had developed a friendship, and she felt really moved by their concern. She suddenly felt sad at the news she was about to give them. They all looked sincerely concerned for her comeback.

Jean then cleared her throat and looked at everyone around her. "Well, I have to apologize, everyone. A lot of things... troubles have happened to me recently. I believe that most of you or maybe just some of you have also seen the news from the newspaper or from the Internet. Because of that, I am afraid that I can't come back to work now. That's why I am here today to formally resign from my job, and I hope you all understand where I am coming from. It was a pleasure working with you, and I thank you all for the care and concern during the period of time I worked here."

After saying that, Jean sincerely bowed to everyone as a form of apology and great gratitude.

"Oh, Jean, do you really want to leave?"

"We understand, Jean, but are you really not coming back?"

"We know that there have been a lot of things happening to you recently, but can't you just ask for a leave for several days without completely resigning?"

Again, Jean felt overwhelmed by the endless interrogation. She looked at them with wide eyes, not knowing how to deal with such a situation she was faced with. All she knew were that she was very tired and that all she wanted was to take the rest she deserved.

Jean started to feel her head throb. As soon as she finally realized the headache coming, John suddenly appeared. He went straight to Jean and said,"Our boss have known of your arrival. He would like a word with you."

"Okay," she said with a nod. Jean could not help feeling grateful for his appearance at t

hesitation on Jean's face, Sonny immediately smiled and took the load for her. "I know that you came here to resign, Jean. You always have a choice though. Half the shares of our company belong to Mr. Qi, so you don't have to come here personally."

"No. In my heart, you are my teacher forever. I can't leave without giving you an explanation personally. Sonny, even if I can't come to work at the company in the future, I will still come to see you." Jean could not help but whimper.

"I appreciate that, and I am always happy for your kindness for me. Well then, I wouldn't keep you here any longer. You should go back now. I know that you have a lot of things to deal with. Be careful, and take good care of yourself," Sonny said gently, giving Jean a weak smile.

"I will. Thank you so much, Sonny. I'm sorry that I have to leave so soon." Jean sincerely bowed to Sonny. When she raised her head, she could not help but burst into tears.

Jean quickly covered her mouth with her hand and turned around, running outside the office.

Sonny saw this and could not help but feel sad, too. He waved at Jean with a depressed look. Sighing, he tried to shrug this grief off and continued to focus on his work.

Closing her eyes, Jean leaned on the door and swallowed a bile down her throat, trying to stop herself from crying any further. However, she heard a familiar voice arguing with another man. She opened her eyes and saw Moore with another familiar man.

Jean immediately felt anxious as she thought about how Moore was blocked by Henley in the hospital.

She shook this thoughts away, and without thinking too much, Jean quickly ran to Moore.

Seeing Toby was there, Jean sighed in relief, knowing that Moore would not be in danger at all.

However, as soon as she recognized the other man Moore was arguing with, her eyes widened in shock. She knew that the man was a member of the Bais, and this information made her very uneasy.

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