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   Chapter 434 Got Excited

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6161

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"Okay!" Jean nodded as she was pleased with what Moore just did. She looked at him and said," Moore, if you are not by my side, I can't do anything about it, can I? Zed is so busy these days that I barely get to see him. Sometimes, I think it's better if I don't discuss anything with him as I don't want to burden him anymore. He is already so busy running a big company, the Qi Group,"

Jean said as she was concerned.

As Moore saw that Jean was worried about Zed, he smiled to tease her. "Now I understand why you insisted me to stay here. You actually want someone to talk to." Moore smiled naughtily.

"Of course not! I'm not that bad! All right, that's it! I need to go to the photography company now. I'm afraid you will have to eat lunch alone," Jean said as she stood up and walked towards the stairs to get changed.

Moore couldn't help but ask," Jean, how about I come along with you?"

"What is it? Are you worried about me?" she asked as soon as she heard Moore's words. Jean soon realized that Moore was concerned about her.

"Yes. Earlier Zed told me that although Shirley is at the police station now and Joy is involved in something really huge, Joy won't leave you alone until she gets what she wants from you. So we are worried that she might come after you. Zed asked me to keep you company at all times,"

Moore said sincerely as he looked at Jean.

Moore was extremely serious so Jean decided to accept his offer. "Fine! I'll go get changed."

As Moore heard that Jean didn't refuse, he got happy.

He had thought that it would take him more time to persuade Jean.

But she actually understood the entire situation.

Jean came back, all dressed up in a cream-coloured casual suit. The light colour of her dress made her look even more gorgeous.

Moore saw Jean and smiled. "Wow, I didn't expect y

a complicated expression on her face. He drove quietly. Then Jean smiled and asked," Moore, the weather is really good today. Is there any specific place that you want to visit?"

Moore noticed that Jean was trying to change the topic and he understood soon.

He looked at Jean and said," I am all yours today. I'll go wherever you want me to."

"All right!" Jean nodded and said," Maranda has been dating Ron and I am expecting a treat soon!" How about we have lunch with her and then I'll show you around the seaside? The view at the seaside is amazing."

"Whatever you say!" Moore said as he smiled at Jean.

"Great! Then we have a deal." Jean was quite excited.

The car approached the photography company and Jean got nervous.

Sonny had been a good guide to teach her all about photography.

But now she felt sorry for him as she was going to leave.

As soon as Jean remembered the relationship between Sonny and the Qi family, she was relieved.

Zed also owned some shares in this photography company so even if she didn't work there, she would still have to come here someday to visit Sonny and her colleagues.

The only problem was John.

Jean had complicated feelings while thinking about John.

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