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   Chapter 431 I Am Advising You Against Becoming This Arrogant

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7417

Updated: 2019-02-14 00:08

In an instant, Henry's face turned scarlet. He was furious but dared not say anything.

"I came today to tell you why Shirley was caught by the police. It is because Winner was killed by somebody Shirley had hired."

Jean stared at Henry without batting an eyelid and said it all at once.

"What did you say?" Henry froze on hearing Jean accuse his favourite daughter for doing an unspeakable act.

"Henry, you don't have dementia. So please hear this loud and clear. I don't want to repeat it." Jean mocked him as she glared back at Henry.

"Jean, I am advising you against becoming this arrogant." There was rage building up inside Henry but he held himself back deterred by Zed's presence in support of his wife. He ominously said,"As a famous proverb goes, 'Not everything that is good to eat is good to talk about'. I know you and Shirley can't stand each other since childhood. Now that she is in the custody of the police because of you, can't you just let go for once and stop framing her?"

"Though you are her father, it looks like you know nothing about your daughter." Jean's tone turned harsh and she watched Henry with icy eyes. "I don't have the capability to frame an innocent person or kill my own brother. And even if Zed has a lot of power, we wouldn't use it on such kind of wicked matters.

Henry, for how long do you want to keep fooling yourself? Shirley is your daughter. But am I not your daughter too? Alright. Forget about me. Was Winner your son? He was a member of the Wen family who died in suspicious circumstances. Don't you want to find out why Shirley would have him killed? Believe it or not, the truth will come out very soon. Then you will see that I have not lied to you."

Jean was shaking with indignation on confronting Henry. She pulled Zed's hand that she had been holding all this time, and started towards the exit.

Henry was gobsmacked by all the information Jean had heaped on him without giving him time to breathe and understand what all of this meant. He glowered as he saw Jean turn her back towards him.

He had always taken Shirley's side but deep down in his heart, he knew Jean wouldn't lie to him.

'So is this real?'

Seeing her leave so apath

Jean looked into Zed's eyes and exhaled the tension out.

She had wanted to irritate Henry and gloat over the mess before she came here.

But now seeing Henry suffer so much of pain, her throat dried up.

'This man, despite all of his sins, is my father.

His son, who he valued the most, is dead; his daughter, who he adored the most, is going to spend the rest of her life in jail.

Then, all he has is me.

No, he still has Joy.'

That fact made Jean's sympathy for Henry disappear soon. She looked at Henry and said,"I have one more thing to tell you."

"What else do you have to say? I don't care even if the world is about to end. I am not afraid of death. But I don't care about living anymore." It seemed Henry had aged 10 years in just a moment. He spoke weakly and looked like he lacked the strength to just blink.

Jean laughed bitterly when she saw Henry was indifferent to anything now. "It is not so serious a problem. I just want to tell you that Joy knew all about Shirley's scheme from the beginning, including the fact that Shirley had conspired with somebody else and carried out this kidnapping, in order to push Wen Group into a crisis. Because only at the moment of crisis could Joy seize complete control of the Wen Group."

"What did you say?" Henry opened his eyes suddenly and looked at Jean with disbelief. "But the newspaper said Shirley was really kidnapped and the head of the gang was the most brutal villain along the coast…"

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