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   Chapter 430 I Heard You Are Looking For Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7899

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And even Moore seemed confused and was trying to say something. But he merely shook his head.

Seeing him shake his head, Jean looked at Zed, full of doubt and confusion.

As she saw Zed's complicated expression seemed to explain something to her, she asked,"Zed, do you have something to say?"

Since she had asked him now, Zed let out a deep breath and replied,"I received Henry Wen's call at noon. I don't know why, but he was looking for you."

That was why Zed woke up so early at noon.

Jean was sound asleep and didn't hear the call at all. So Zed got up and took it.

"Henry Wen? What was he calling for, I wonder?" Jean asked unpleasantly. Her face had darkened on hearing the name.

"He saw the newspaper this morning and came to know that Shirley had been arrested." Zed sighed.

"So, was he accusing me of falsely blaming Shirley?" Jean asked, looking at Zed with a serious face.

Zed paused for a moment and nodded,"Yes, you are right. He was saying why you sent Shirley to jail?"

"Haha, that's funny." Jean laughed sarcastically but also shuddered all over. "I sent her to jail? ME? Does he really think I have that kind of pull with the authorities? Zed, I have got to go to the hospital!"

Jean immediately stopped speaking and was just about to walk outside.

Zed grabbed her hand, looked at her angry face and sighed. "I have been discussing it with Moore and we knew that you will definitely go to see him. And even though I also feel furious about Henry accusing you, saying things like that, and want to teach him a lesson, he is still a patient right now and he is your father, Jean.

He is really pissed about Shirley being in jail. You can't just go confront him right now at such a critical moment. I know you won't let him wrong you, but you have just recovered from last night's adventures. I really can't let you fly into a rage once again."

"Zed, what are you afraid of?" Jean laughed bitterly and assured him,"Don't worry. I am not going to lay a single finger on that man no matter how angry I get. Henry is worried about Shirley being in jail, and I have to use this chance to elaborate Shirley's crimes."

Jean put on a sly smile.

"Jean, do you mean..." Moore asked, looking both horrified and impressed.

Zed also smiled, and gave her an approving nod. "If that is the case, then I'll go with you."

he truth!" Jean retorted in even more anger,"Henry, when the Wen Group was destined to pass over to Shirley, why did you ever arrange for me to be CEO earlier? Why not choose her?" Jean asked in a deliberately surprised tone.

She was laughing in her mind though, 'The old fox finally reveals his tricks now!'

"Do you think the Wen Group would have pulled through such a delicate time without the name of Mr.Qi's wife behind it? It was for the company's good, or I wouldn't even have talked to you at that time!" Henry hummed a cold laugh and spit out the truth, as if there was no point in hiding the truth anymore.

"So that is the truth, isn't it?" Jean replied. "Darling, now I realize how privileged I am to have been married to you. Just the mention of your name brought a new life into a company which was right on the verge of bankruptcy!"

Jean looked at Zed, pretending to be womanly and coy.

Zed gazed at Jean with soft eyes and said,"Now that you know how powerful I am, you don't have to worry about anything when you want to do something to the Wen Group. No one will dare bat an eyelid!"

Zed was talking to Jean directly, but indirectly, he was threatening Henry.

Upon hearing his thinly veiled threat, Henry flew into a rage and stared furiously at Zed. "I have no grudges with you, you mad-man. Why the hell do you poke your nose into the business of the Wen Group?"

"Because you hurt my wife and made her angry. That means you've made me angry!" Zed replied sternly, staring at him with cold, dark eyes which were full of a clear threat.

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