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   Chapter 429 Isn’t That Why He Did It

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9328

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"Now don't be so sure of that! He still has Jean, you know? And even though he has never treated Jean so well before today, she is still his daughter. And he surely cares some bit about her or otherwise, he wouldn't have allowed her to take over the Wen Group. I think as long as Jean stays by his side, he is going to be just fine." Moore suggested an alternative.

The idea wasn't easy to comprehend and both Zed and Jean immediately glanced at each other when they heard the suggestion. Then Jean helplessly looked at Moore and asked,"Moore, do you really think that Henry made me take over the Wen Group just because he cares about me as much as a dad cares for his real daughter?"

"Isn't that why he did it?" An ulterior motive was surprising for Moore and he looked puzzled.

"If I hadn't been Zed's wife, do you think Henry would still have let me take over the Wen Group? Or would he have found someone else to do that?" To Jean, the reason seemed totally ridiculous.

"Hmm…" The alternatives really had Moore thinking over it and he scratched his head as he pondered over other possibilities. Then suddenly, the true meaning of Jean's words dawned on him and he exclaimed,"Really? Was that really Henry's idea?"

"Yes." Jean confirmed his suspicion. "There were only two reasons why Henry allowed me to be the CEO when the Wen Group was in trouble. For one, he would rather have had anyone but Shirley take over the company and secondly, he wanted to use my identity as Zed's wife to retain shareholders. This would have ensured a constant flow of money into the company due to my husband's reputation. Even when he is hospitalized and unable to move, there is no way that Henry is going to let any random person take over the company, even if it is his daughter, without a reason. The same is true for as long as he lives and breathes."

Jean looked at Moore and indifferently explained.

"How is that possible?" Moore was horrified by the idea and looked at Jean in amazement. Hearing the real intensions that Henry had had in his mind, he couldn't help feeling sorry for Jean. "Jean, it doesn't matter why he made you the CEO. We will always stand by your side. And if Henry doesn't think of you as his daughter, it is his loss, not yours."

Seeing Moore try to comfort her like that was quite pleasing and Jean smiled in gratitude. "Thanks, Moore. Don't worry about me! It doesn't matter how he treats me as I am used to such indifferent people in my life. I don't feel so sad because of that and neither should you. The only thing that really gets me is that he agreed to raise a hundred million dollars through the Wen Group. And the company lost that money just because Shirley was in trouble, kidnapped as she was, and he had no other way to raise funds.

I thou

t." Jean smiled naughtily. "And by the way, please! You don't want to eat all of this. Otherwise, I am gonna start grabbing stuff off your plates!" After saying that, she comfortably moved the plates from in front of Moore to her side.

Seeing her flit and treat Moore so impolitely, Zed could not help calling out. "Watch out, Jean…"

"It doesn't matter. Let her eat." Moore quickly stopped him.

"When did you wake up?" Jean asked as she attacked the dishes with vigorous hunger.

"Zed got up first. He was up and running at about noon. I woke up a couple of hours before you did. I was hungry and that woke me up." Moore looked at Jean and smiled.

"If you were already awake, why are you having dinner now? Why didn't you start?" Something seemed to dawn on her and she looked at Zed. "Zed, have you been negligent to Moore?"

"It wasn't his fault. Leave him alone! I had been sleeping for a long time. And even though I felt hungry, I really didn't want to eat anything as soon as I woke up. So I went out to exercise. Now I feel hungry!"

"What kind of exercise? You know you can't exercise violently now…"

Jean became worried about his health when he mentioned exercise.

"Don't worry. I just walked around and gently exercised my muscles and bones." Moore quickly defended herself.

"Well, Moore is not a child. He knows clearly what he should and shouldn't do with his body. You should not be so nervous. Aren't you hungry now? Eat while the dishes are hot. Or it's gonna get cold and you know you may get sick when you have cold food!" Zed interrupted their chats.

Hearing his words, Jean nodded and obediently began to eat.

After Jean had finished her meal, Zed and Moore looked at each other and their facial expressions seemed a bit strange and complicated.

Zed wanted to say something but chose to keep silent finally.

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