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   Chapter 428 You Are Even Playing Dirty With Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9109

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Shirley was so nervous that her hands trembled and started to shake the dagger. As a result, the sharp dagger created a striking wound on Joy's neck. All of a sudden, blood gushed out of her neck.

Joy shrieked with pain, looking like she was in deep pain.

Unable to take it, Joy lost her consciousness. Seeing this, Shirley felt even more nervous. She wanted to continue holding Joy hostage to threaten the police. However, she found it extremely hard to drag Joy's heavy body in this state.

Seeing the confusion on Shirley's face, the police surrounding her started to take immediate actions.

Every cop present there almost pounced on Shirley at the same time. Yet their purposes differed.

Some of them were snatching the dagger; some of them were rescuing Joy; some of them were suppressing Shirley...

In a matter of seconds, there was a shift in the atmosphere.

At last, Shirley was successfully caught and arrested by the police. When she was suppressed, she still tried yelling in panic and did all that she could do in order to resist.

But she was just a weak and feeble woman. Resisting several powerful policemen wasn't something she was capable of doing.

Shirley's hands were tied behind her back, but she glared at Billy fiercely. "Damn it. Do you want to play dirty with me now? They attacked me from behind while I wasn't noticing. In addition to that, you even deluded me..."

"It is because you are stupid," Billy retorted, stopping her from continuing. Coldly staring at her, Billy's eyes turned to the police car. "Get her into to the police car and make sure to keep an eye on her. This woman is full of deceit. Don't be tricked by her, or else she will run away."

"Yes, sir."

Shirley knew then that there was no point in struggling anymore. Knowing that nothing would help, she decided to calm down. As she walked over to Jean, a sort of sarcastic smile made its way to her face. Then, she said in a low voice,"Jean, you and the damn police have conspired to frame me. Let me tell you that I will not let you live a peaceful life. Mark my words......"

"Hey, this isn't something new. You have always tried to bring me down. But I am still alright, right? Now you can rot in the prison. Do you think you will have any chance to play your little tricks while you are inside? I think you better worry about yourself. I've heard that prison life is hard!" Jean replied, looking victorious.

It was just a few sentences but Shirley's face turned livid with rage. Sitting inside the police car, her face was red with anger.

After the car was out of their view, Ian and Billy came over to Jean. Ian warmly reached out his hands and held Jean's softly. He was very thankful to he

ng to worry about because Shirley has been caught and arrested by the police."

One by one, she told him everything that happened in the past couple of hours.

Moore listened to her with an intent look. In fact, he never interrupted or questioned her.

"I never thought that she could have killed her own brother! How cruel she is! For her own safety, she even threatened her own mother. No wonder that Joy became too furious and fainted," Moore said with a deep sigh.

"You should have seen Joy's face. She realized all her mistakes today. She clearly knew that Shirley conspired with others to cheat us in order to get the one hundred million cash," Zed said with contempt.

"Yeah, it's true. That's just karmic retribution." Moore nodded, realizing Joy got what she deserved. "I wonder how she is going to feel once she gets back to her consciousness."

Jean involuntarily cast a glance at Moore and asked smilingly,"Moore, are you feeling pity for Joy?"

"I am not feeling pity for her. This incident shows the importance of proper parenting. Shirley's final end is a typical lesson for irresponsible parents who don't teach their children," Moore explained while shaking his head.

Jean approvingly nodded upon hearing Moore's words and replied,"Anyway, Joy has been completely aware of her daughter's fault. In fact, she always knows it. Actually I am more worried about Henry who is still in the hospital."

As Jean uttered this name, the room fell into a pin drop silence.

"Yes. That's right. Now Henry has been differently-abled. He still hasn't completely recovered from the blow he has just suffered. He has to come in terms with the fact that Shirley is the true murderer of Winner… This must be really hard for him," Zed said while he thought about the downfall of the Wen family.

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