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   Chapter 426 Because You Forced Me

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7945

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However, in the current harsh situation, she had no time to think.

Ian and Billy looked content and satisfied. "Tonight, you did a very good job. Thanks to you, we have successively cracked two cases effortlessly. Mr. Qi, you put forward the proposal previously, as you had expected that things would come to an end like this, right?"

Ian asked inquisitively, keeping his gaze fixated on Zed.

"To be frank, I haven't thought things would be so smooth," Zed replied. He then looked at Ian with a forced smile. "I originally agreed to let my wife get involved in the investigation because I intuitively thought this must be associated with her. I agreed with her involvement in assisting with the case investigation, as I didn't want her to have any regret," Zed continued with sincerity.

"Anyway, I think your wife did a great job tonight. Your wife deserves credit for assisting the police in smoothly solving the cases. Once this case is completely over, I will bestow the awards to her in person,"

Ian said smilingly as he turned his eyes to Jean.

With that, Jean involuntarily had a feeling of helplessness and her gaze shifted to Zed.

Without any other facial expressions, Zed just smiled at Jean as if she were his spoiled child.

"Ian, let's not discuss this for the time being! Don't you have something urgent to do?" Billy, who stood beside, reminded Ian while clearing his throat because he really couldn't withstand to hear any more word from him.

"Oh, yes, yes." Ian, who was smiling like the Maitreya Buddha, immediately nodded upon hearing Billy's reminder. He happily patted him on his shoulder.

In truth, Jean felt funny to see Billy's expression of forbearance.

"You are all going to jail. So, don't struggle like trapped beasts. Don't even dream of escaping. Both land and maritime police forces are here. Hence, you should be clear that you can't flee today. I will be lenient as long as you actively surrender and confess your crimes..."

Ian was shouting in an attempt to convince them to surrender. But suddenly, he heard a sharp and exciting voice. "Make way for me. If not, I will kill her," the voice said.

This sharp voice was familiar to Jean's ears. She tried to figure where she heard it.

It was a voice from a woman who sounded panicked.

Jean's facial expressions suddenly changed on hearing the voice.


you had I known you would turn out to be so cruel and ruthless. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have lost my dear Winner and our Wen family wouldn't have been broken."

"Mom, why are you still speaking such unreasonable words?" Shirley asked ironically.

"Shirley, don't think I'm a fool. I know why your father has been hospitalized. You intentionally spoke ill of Winner in front of Henry. You also exaggeratedly told him about the women Winner had played with and the gambling debts he had owed over the past years. It is because of all these information that your father became ill and got hospitalized.

You have planned all this for quite a long period. But you never thought that your father would finally come to his senses at this critical moment. In order that the Wen Group wouldn't fall into your hands, he even handed over the Wen Group to Jean. Let me tell you. You have asked for all that you have suffered today. Shirley, let go of me! It is still not too late. If you put the dagger down and confess your crimes to the police, then there will be a way out for you!"

Joy still couldn't help encouraging her to stop this insanity.

After all, Shirley was her daughter. Joy still couldn't bear to treat her own daughter heartlessly even if she was pointing at her with a dagger.

Jean was staring at all these scenes in silence. Suddenly, she felt a little sore and numb on her nose. She didn't know why.

Shirley was detestable and so was Joy.

In fact, both Joy and Shirley were two birds of a feather. The two of them didn't deserve sympathy at all.

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