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   Chapter 425 Our Money Has Disappeared

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9713

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Shirley looked at Carlos with wide eyes. Glaring at him, she asked impatiently,"What did you say to her, Carlos?"

"I have told her everything I know," Carlos replied, shrugging his shoulders. "Why? Is there anything wrong? Don't you still dare admit what you have done?" Provocatively, Carlos crossed his arms across his chest and cocked an eyebrow at Shirley.

"You!" Shirley fumed steam and narrowed her eyes at Carlos as if piercing him with them. Turning pale with frustration, she was too irritated to say anything.

Jean had been staring at them and chuckled softly under her breath. 'I must carefully appreciate Shirley's superb acting skills.

Later, I may seldom see this side of her!'

Realizing that her conspiracy had been exposed, Shirley stopped pretending and turned to her men, shouting at them unpleasantly. "Come and untie me!"

Hearing Shirley's order, the men standing around her exchanged looks and turned to look at their boss, Carlos.

Shirley rolled her eyes at this, wondering why they still had to ask Carlos when she had paid for them. When Carlos nodded as permission, two of the men walked over to Shirley and untied her.

Massaging her wrists that have turned red from the bind, Shirley turned to Jean and sneered,"Wow, Jean, I didn't expect that this would be coming from you. Oh, how I underestimated you! How were you so crafty that you had made Carlos spill the beans within a relatively short amount of time? Did you pay him?"

"I don't stoop down to your level, Shirley. It is not because I am crafty, but it just simply because you are too cruel. Even God could not help but be on my side. Carlos really just personally came to me to reveal everything about your involvement on Winner's death." Jean paused for dramatic effect and eyed Shirley. "Shirley, let me ask you a question. Why on earth did you want Winner gone? What did he ever do to you? You know that he was never a threat to your status at all, so why did you kill him?"

At that very moment, Joy woke up at Jean's angry voice. She shook her head, trying to take the dizziness away, but she had understood what was going on in front of her.

All the events that happened before she lost consciousness came swirling back in her mind, anger starting to build inside of her.

She rose from the ground with difficulty, but the strong emotion inside of her didn't stop her from getting up. Seeing that Shirley was standing in front of her in one piece, she rushed towards her and madly slapped her on the face. "Why did you kill Winner? How could you, Shirley? He was your brother for God's sake! I can't believe the guts of you for taking advantage of me and using me to deceive Jean for money!

Didn't you tell me that you asked a friend to help? Who are they then? Tell me! Because this man told me personally that you had sex with him for this transaction. Is it really true?" Joy raised

being half-sisters, you and I have always been hostile towards each other, so did you really expect that I cared enough for you to redeem you with a hundred million dollars? You're insane! Why do you always think highly of yourself? It's so ridiculous! You really overestimated yourself in my heart, huh?"

Jean said with a sarcastic tone, crossing her arms on her chest.

"Jean, you bitch!" Shirley was annoyed and shouted. "After hiding the money, did you think you can escape from my plan? If you don't give me the money right now and take the initiative to leave the Wen Group, you won't be allowed to leave here alive. You know what I am capable of doing." She narrowed her eyes at Jean with a glare.

Jean scoffed at her. "Shirley, you are still so naive." She looked at Shirley with a sly smile and shook her head. "Don't forget that I am not alone now."

While saying that, Jean raised her hand that was holding Zed's. "We have already figured out your plan ahead, so we have already prepared for it."

After Jean's words, several policemen rushed out of the darkness. Some of them were wearing police uniforms while others were wearing casual clothes. Toby, Gregory, and Terry quickly stood in front of Zed and Jean, protecting them and staring at Carlos and his men with serious eyes.

The policemen quickly surrounded the wharf, and most of them around Carlos and his men.

It happened so fast that they already blocked all who were potential threats before anyone could react or escape.

With a beam on her face, Jean immediately showed appreciation in her eyes.

'It is obvious that they take actions very efficiently and on time, as well.

But then, why are the policemen always the last ones to arrive in soap operas and in movies?

It seems that those soap operas and movies are deceptive and give false information just for the sake of dramatic effect.'

Shrugging, Jean thought, sighing in relief.

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