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   Chapter 424 I Said You Are Disgusting!

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6477

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"No!" As Joy heard Carlos' voice, she cried out devastatingly. She totally blacked out.

Jean fixed her eyes on Carlos and said,"Carlos, you can't make up a story like this! My stepmother passed away because of you."

Jean crouched to check up on Joy.

"You don't believe me? Why would I lie to you for a bitch like her? Shirley was not a virgin when she was with me!" Carlos was annoyed.

'Who cares about that? The point is that Shirley set Winner up, '

Jean thought as she sneered.

But she was suspicious so she said,"Right! I don't believe Shirley killed Winner. After all, they were siblings and they shared the same blood. Winner was quite disappointing but Shirley was not cruel enough to kill her own brother. She didn't have any reason or motive to do that, right? Brother Carlos, stop fooling around!"

"Why would I fool you?" Carlos sneered,"Do you think I can't see through your mind? Shirley thought Winner would be an obstacle as she wanted to become the CEO of Wen Group. That is why she must've thought to eliminate him from the list of problems in her life."

"According to you, you two were lovers, so why did you kidnap Shirley? Does she owe you money? This doesn't make sense! You told me that she forced herself upon you and even slept with you. And she is your woman! Then why do you still want to take her money?"

Jean asked curiously.

"I am not a nice person but I would never take a single penny from a woman that doesn't belong to me. This kidnapping was planned by Shirley all along and we were supposed to split the ransom money after all this was over."

"Why would she do that? She knew that Joy couldn't give such a huge amount," Jean said as she couldn't add up everything that had just happened. She was suspicious.

"Of course all this was aimed at you!" Carlos watched Jean attentively. "She won't feel good until she makes you suffer as you became the CEO of Wen Group."

It s

hing looked in place. He was humiliated.

So the only reason he cooperated with Shirley was because of the money.

According to this, things became easier to solve.

They heard a motorboat getting close. It was quite obvious that it was coming in this direction.

Jean turned around and exchanged a glance with Zed.

She had just found out the truth about them but the real thing was just beginning.

She had wanted to hear from Shirley to admit every wrong doings that she had done in the past few years.

Soon the motorboat stopped at the shore. A few men dragged Shirley out of the boat and walked in their direction.

"Shirley, why did you have to let yourself suffer so much in order to make us believe you? If you had asked me and your mother to give you money, we would've given any amount to you," Jean watched Shirley and said with sarcasm.

"What do you mean? I don't understand!" Shirley furrowed and said angrily as she watched Jean.

When she saw Joy on the floor, she got confused.

She turned around and stared at Jean instead of getting worried about Joy.

"You can stop putting on that show now. Your acting skills are quite good! I even doubt what Carlos said," Jean sighed and touched her ear casually to show that it wasn't much trouble for her.

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