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   Chapter 422 The Scoundrels Have Come

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9846

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The other policemen quickly scattered in an organized way and followed up from behind.

Jean felt nervous as they were getting close to the destination. She looked at Zed and asked anxiously,"Zed, I have a strong feeling of uneasiness. Shouldn't we have called the police?"

'Oh, come on!' thought Zed as

he felt exasperated with Jean.

Jean had always been too kindhearted and could not bear to be cruel to the Wen family. Even after what had happened this time, she was still trying to defend them.

But, Zed would not allow it anymore. He was adamant that she should never be treated again the way they did in the past.

"Jean, you have to think it out," replied Zed stressing each word. He added,"They have gone too far in targeting you this time. They stand to make a lot of money from you and you might get hurt in the process. What's the point of you being so kind to those who are definitely heartless?"

"That's not what I meant," replied Jean shaking her head. She continued to explain,"I'm just worried that there might be too much policemen. If anyone of them accidently reveals the whereabouts to the scoundrels, the scoundrels can get very angry. No one knows what happens when people like them lose their minds. In the middle of all this, we might be put in danger too. I do not want anything bad to happen to you. Should we go back now? I don't care about Shirley's safety. Let us abandon pursuing the cause or reason behind all of this," Jean said without looking at Zed.

Zed's eyes widened as he heard Jean's words. 'Did he hear right?' He then asked incredulously,"What? You're not saying this because you are worried about Shirley's safety……"

"No, of course not," Jean replied quickly before Zed could express his complete thought. She did not know that Zed would misunderstand her like this because of her words a moment ago. She couldn't help laughing and added,"I will not show mercy to her anymore. And I don't care about her safety at all."

"But……" said Zed, looking even confused.

"But you've tried so hard to raise the ransom money earlier. Didn't you do it in order to save Shirley?

Although you've told me that you wanted to find out the cause behind Winner's death, I was unsure. Once you ferret out that his death had something to do with Shirley, won't you ruin her reputation and put her in jail?

But then I also know you well, Jean. I thought you'd changed your mind about it. Since I've known you, I didn't think you would be so determined about this," said Zed.

"Zed, I've told this to you before. Joy told me that the scoundrels who kidnapped Shirley are those who killed Winner," replied Jean.

"Do you really want Shirley to go to jail?" asked Zed. He still was confused by what Jean had said and added,"That doesn't seem to be the way you do things. I thought you were just saying it to let out your angst. And what is your purpose in doing so?"

Jean did not answer a

sure about that," replied Joy firmly.

Jean was surprised at Joy's words, and she looked at her doubtfully.

Suddenly, Joy realized that the words came out of her mouth too quickly and too firmly. She smiled with an embarrassed expression and tried to further explain,"I mean, it's one hundred million dollars after all. Who would be able to say no to it?"

As Joy was speaking, Jean nodded her consent and stayed ostensibly silent. But meanwhile, she couldn't help sneering in her heart.

'You just keep pretending, Joy, as long as you wish to! And let's wait and see, you'll regret once the truth comes out, ' thought Jean internally.

A few minutes passed and it was now the scheduled time. All of a sudden, the sound of a motorboat came breaking the silence of the night.

Jean was startled and looked in the direction from where the motorboat was coming.

After focussing for a couple of minutes, she saw a red motorboat rapidly approaching them and making quite a commotion.

As the motorboat got closer, Jean discovered three more motorboats in which six to seven tall, strong young men stood alert and tense.

Getting surrounded by such a huge number of scoundrels, Jean's expressions underwent a tremendous change.

She was kind of frightened on facing so many of them, but on the flip side, was glad that they had called the police long back. Otherwise, they would've been no match for the scoundrels. After all, it would have been just Zed and a few of his subordinates against such a large number of hefty young men. In fact, the situation cold have become so critical by then, that not only Shirley but Zed and Jean's lives would have also hung in balance.

After all these thoughts raced through Jean's mind, she took a look at Joy standing next to her.

Joy was aghast at the very sight. Apparently, it never occurred to Joy that the number of the scoundrels could be this large. She was ashen white and trembling with fear.

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