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   Chapter 421 Let’s Move Out

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7424

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"I doubt it," Billy replied regardless of Zed's identity. "As far as I know, Mrs. Qi holds grudges against Shirley Wen. Although they are sisters, they don't get along well, right? I suppose you and your wife didn't plan to save Shirley which is why you didn't call the police immediately after what happened."

"Hey! Watch your words!" Anger flooded on Jean's face as Billy's words registered. She was furious about his rude manner towards Zed. Unable to take more, Jean screamed instantly,"If we didn't want to save her, why do you think we troubled ourselves to collect ransom? Please watch your mouth before you speak. You have no idea what you are talking about. As an officer, it is your duty to not speak senseless things."

The reason Jean was angry at Billy was that he dragged Zed into this. She wouldn't have minded if Billy suspected her but bringing Zed brought fury in her heart.

Now Jean thought what she said was reasonable, so she wasn't afraid about Billy getting angry at her.

To her surprise, Billy didn't look provoked. Instead, she saw his poker face had changed. A faint apologetic look replaced it. Billy said,"Mrs. Qi, if what I said hurt you, please kindly accept my apology. I am sorry about my improper words."

Actually Jean felt much better after she had screamed out her anger.

Hearing Billy's apology, Jean felt some sort of anxiety and said,"I know there are lots of rumors outside. I shouldn't have blamed you."

"Thank you for your understanding, Mrs. Qi. Could you please give me more details about it?" Then Billy looked at Jean wearing a serious look as he took out his notebook and pen.

"Okay," Jean replied, nodding her consent. One by one, she began to give him information.

Their conversation started with a misunderstanding, but eventually, it went in the right direction. Ian was happy to see that. A satisfied smile crept up on his face. He turned to face Zed and said,"Mr. Qi, don't bother them. Let them keep talking. Can I have a cup of coffee?"

"This way, please," Zed said and walked towards the sitting room. Ian followed his lead.

Zed asked Zelda to prepare two cups of coffee, and then he turned to face Ian. "Chief, thank you for coming all

pped herself instantly.

Jean figured that Joy must know something she didn't know, so she asked,"What? I don't know what?"

"Nothing! Since you want to come with me, then come!" Obviously, Joy didn't intend to explain herself. Then she told Jean she would wait for them at YR Wharf and disconnected the call.

Keeping the phone, Jean raised her eyebrows and wore a bitter smile on her face. "She is still trying to conceal something from me. I suppose what we suspected is correct."

"In that case, just take action as we've planned," Ian clapped and concluded. He nodded at Zed, then rushed out of the house and made orders to his staff.

"Jean, since I can't stop you from putting yourself in danger, I will let you deal with it on your own. But remember to take care of your safety. I will wait for you at home," Moore looked at Jean and said.

"Okay, I will, Moore. See you." Jean waved Moore goodbye and followed Zed out of the house.

Jean felt surprised as she spotted dozens of plainclothes police standing on the lawn beside the path. All of them wore a stern look.

"We have to carry out the action silently, so the others will go to RY Wharf directly. Let's move out!" Ian looked at Zed and explained.

Zed nodded as he held Jean's hand and walked toward that Bentley Car.

Toby was the driver who was patiently waiting for them. Gregory, Terry and the rest of the people drove the Audi.

Bentley was in the front and Audi followed it carefully.

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