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   Chapter 420 We Should Call The Police!

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8341

Updated: 2019-02-11 13:40

"Although we don't know exactly what is going on, Joy is sure to have told the kidnappers your actions and intentions." Zed let out a sigh.

He was a little worried as things were turning out to be more complicated than he had expected.

No matter what tricks they tried to play, it was all in vain and they were failing again and again.

"Jean, have you called the police?" Moore asked in a concerned tone.

"No! Not yet." Jean shook her head and explained,"Joy kept saying that we couldn't call the police because if we did, the kidnappers would kill Shirley at once. There was no way we could do that!"

"Then I think you'd better call the police now!" Moore sincerely advised them. "There's still time, Jean. I think you'll be able to come up with a workable plan if you discuss the matter with the police. I don't think you should endanger your life directly."

Jean stole a glance at Moore. From his tone, she could feel that he was implying something behind his advice.

Did he understand her true intentions?

She hadn't called the police as she hadn't wanted them to get involved. It would have compromised her chances of finding out the details behind Winner's death and she didn't want that to happen.

"I also think it's time we call the police, Jean."

Zed echoed Moore's words.

Jean turned around and looked at her husband with an astonished look. He held her hands and tried to explain,"Jean, things have blown way out of proportion. We are out of our depth and matters are out of our control. Things are more dangerous than ever before. I don't think we can trust anyone, not even Joy. And Jean, I can't let you risk your life. Please listen to me. Call the police because I won't allow you to go to the exchange tonight!"

"All right. Whatever you say. Let's call the police." Jean sighed when she heard that Zed wasn't going to let her go to the exchange. She agreed reluctantly with a nod to her husband.

Zed let out a sigh of relief on hearing that her wife had agreed to involve the cops now

and looked at Moore in gratitude. If it weren't for that man, Jean would never have agreed to involve the authorities and would have gone on with her plan no matter how much danger it threw her way.

Zed got up to call the police while Jean asked Moore with a frown,"Moore, do you really think that Joy doesn't care even a single bit about Shirley's life?"

There was a deep look hidden behind Moore's eyes as he glanced at Jean and replied thoughtfully,

in came in person, along with his favorite assistant.

Jean then realized that it was Zed who had called the police, so it wasn't surprising that the chief captain had arrived in person. He wouldn't have risked offending Zed.

The captain's name was Lan Wang. A short, fat personality but altogether a nice one.

The assistant Lan brought was also a captain who had solved many tough cases recently.

His name was Billy Zhou and he was Lan's hottest right-hand man.

Billy looked pretty young almost like a fresh college graduate, recently out of university. But according to Lan, Billy had worked for the authorities for five years now. It was his baby face that had covered his age and strengths.

It was understandable that after a call from Zed, the chief captain would come in person and bring along his capable right-hand man.

It also explained why Billy didn't seem to be affected when he saw someone as famous as Zed talking to him. Instead, he remained calm and composed, looking like the person who would follow the regulations to the letter of the law.

"Why didn't you call the police as soon as the kidnappers contacted you? It's been so many days now!" Billy asked as he took a look at Jean without any facial expressions.

Jean had prepared for the question in advance but when she saw Billy's cold eyes staring through her, she got nervous and forgot everything she had imagined she would answer with.

"I, ur, I..." she stuttered.

"The kidnappers threatened us not to call the police or they will kill Shirley. We were concerned about her life and we didn't dare take any risks!" Zed noticed Jean's nervousness and replied.

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