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   Chapter 419 Kidnappers' Partner

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6755

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"If you move in, then Gary can't harass you any more!" Jean replied. "If you don't go back to the Bai family now, he definitely won't give up. But if you plan to stay here, Gary won't risk coming here just to bring you back. Don't worry! I won't force you to stay here for too long. After you recover, I'll ask you to leave! I'll do that, even if you don't want to leave,"

Jean said in a cool tone.

Zed narrowed his eyes as he looked at Jean and felt more respect for her.

Zed was impressed by how smart Jean was.

Apparently, Moore had made up his mind.

However, Jean broke the deadlock.

Moore smiled bitterly. He realized that if he refused her invitation now, then he might lose his friendship with Jean.

He stopped and thought for a second as he didn't want to lose Jean.

'Why am I hesitating when Jean and Zed themselves, are inviting me to live with them?'

As that thought crossed his mind, Moore sighed and answered,"All right! Since you have forced me to stay, I have no choice but to accept your offer."

"Yeah!" As Jean heard his reply, she was delighted. "I knew you would accept it."

As soon as she finished her words, she turned around to look at Zed and smiled.

There was nothing that Zed could say but he smiled back. He patted Jean on her head.

On the other hand, Moore was a little worried that he had agreed to live with them.

He looked at Zed and was relieved that Zed was not displeased by him staying over for a couple of months. Instead, Zed was happy to see Jean excited.

Moore was actually worried about the fact that the relationship between Zed and Jean might get worse because of him. He didn't want to hurt Jean at all.

Now judging from the situation, Moore was relieved.

Jean was a woman of her words. She had planned this all along. She had asked Gregory to send Moore home.

Now she only had to call Gregory and he would be able to send Moore's clothes in a minute.

Moore had no choice but to accept everything that Jean had arranged.


ep Shirley at a hideout while keeping tabs on you all too," Moore said clearly.

"We've thought about that too!" Jean nodded in agreement.

"Do you think there are people who know your every action?" Moore turned to Zed and asked.

Zed looked at Moore.

Zed's face turned bitter and he replied,"I know what you mean! If it's really like what you just said, then I'll definitely make sure that they regret it."

"What are you talking about?" Jean didn't understand what Zed and Moore were talking about so she asked.

"Moore thinks that someone here is the kidnappers' partner and he or she has been reporting everything to the kidnappers. As the kidnappers know your actions, they change the time again," Zed replied and looked at Jean.

"I thought of this too but there's no one around us except Joy. She can't be the insider! Shirley is still kidnapped. How could Joy..."

As Jean said that, her face turned dark. She realized something.

She looked at Zed in surprise, then she turned towards Moore and added,"No way! No matter how heartless and cruel Joy is, she won't do this to Shirley."

As soon as Zed and Moore heard what Jean said, they looked at each other and sighed at the same time.

"You mean Joy doesn't care about Shirley but she only cares about the money?" Jean was startled as she couldn't help but ask.

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