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   Chapter 418 Persuade Moore To Move In

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8803

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"Sit down, please. You have not recovered yet, so it's unnecessary to pay too much attention to etiquette." Zed stopped Moore in a hurry.

"I feel much better now, and I'm not as weak as you think. Don't believe Jean's words. She's making a mountain out of a molehill." Moore ruefully smiled at Zed.

"No, you are wrong here. I have to obey her orders. From what I know, women begin to wonder if we love them when we don't listen." Zed sat opposite Moore and looked at him with a smile.

Hearing Zed's words, Moore nodded. Zed had hit home with this point. He replied,"I couldn't agree with you more. But in Jean's case, this is especially true. She's a bit different from others since she doesn't reveal her emotions too easily and bear matters of the heart all by herself."

Zed looked askance at Moore and said,"It seems to me that you know her very well."

"It is because of the video incident. I saw her face awash with tears almost every other day in the hospital. Despite what she had gone through, she never complained once." Moore held Zed's gaze as he replied. The video incident made Zed flush with shame. After a moment's pause, he sighed.

"Speaking of the video incident, I have to apologize for not handling things properly. Thank you, Moore. Thank you for being her friend and taking care of her at such a stressful time," Zed said to Moore with gratitude.

"You are welcome. Though, my help wasn't much significant." Moore shook his head.

Zed looked at Moore with a smile. Although they had not expressed their thoughts frankly, both of them knew what each other wanted to say.

Moore saw Zed was looking at him with a smile, so he felt a little nervous. "You can rest assured that I won't promise Jean to move in and interfere in your private life. Jesse just left, and I don't want to become the second 'Jesse'," he said.

"I'm very glad to hear you say that." Zed sighed when he heard Moore's judicious words. "But I've promised Jean that if she can persuade you to move in, I will have no objection to it."

Moore felt a little bit surprised at Zed's words. "So, I will not promise Jean this, and thus I won't bother you."

"No, you have misunderstood me," Zed shook his head and said. "It's true that I didn't welcome the idea of you moving in my house in the past. But now I prefer that you live with us."

'Many things can be prevented from happening if you are around.' Zed thought.

"Why?" Moore was puzzled and curious at Zed's words at the same time.

"You don't need to ask why. If you don't want Jean to feel guilty about you all the time, then just promise her!" Moore was stu

, Zed and Moore exchanged knowing looks.

Both men were smart enough to figure out the reason why she had asked the question a second time. They both could see what was coming next.

"Yes, I like it very much. But, Jean..." Just when Moore was about to refuse Jean's invitation, she interrupted him.

"Since you like it, you can stay here and I'll cook it for you every day. Moore, you are not good at taking care of yourself. You've been in the hospital for such a long time. And now, you have become slimmer than even women. I am not jealous of your slim figure. Instead, I feel very guilty about it. After all, if it weren't for the accident, you would have been very healthy now. You don't want me to feel guilty for you all the time, right? So, just take my advice to move in. That way, we can look after each other, right?"

Jean's list of reasons to persuade Moore left both Zed and Moore dumbfounded.

'Why is Jean so insistent? Does she already know that I will refuse her?' Moore wondered.

Moore turned to look at Zed and he found that Zed was also gaping at his wife.

"Jean, I know that you care for me. But I'm used to living alone, so I'm afraid that I will have to refuse your kindness." Moore answered with an embarrassed smile.

He had thought it over and had come to the conclusion that he would not move in.

"Why? Moore, we're friends, aren't we?" Jean was a little bit annoyed by Moore's refusal. "If you are still unwilling to move in, then forget what I said just now."

"Jean, of course we are friends!" Moore hesitated for a moment and then explained. "Jean, it has nothing to do with us being friends or not. You should enjoy your private life with Zed and this is why I should not move in. Do you understand?"

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