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   Chapter 417 Live With Us

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6430

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With a worried look, Jean explained.

"So he doesn't want to confront Gary Bai and he is in an awkward situation here in China, right? Since he has no place to stay and the current scenario doesn't get any better, he can go back to Chicago. Or America, England, Germany... Anywhere. Why does he insist on staying here?" Zed retorted unpleasantly with knitted eyebrows.

"Because he is a Chinese at heart. After spending his early life amidst foreigners with blonde hair and blue eyes, he wants to be with his own people. Do you want him to be miserable by sending him back for the rest of his life? Zed, please, a man like him would always return to his hometown in the end. Though humans can wander far away from home and socialize with different kinds of communities, in the end, they are nostalgic and emotional about their home. And their hometowns where they spent their most formative years hold a special place in their hearts. Why can't you understand this about Moore and let him stay with us? There are many vacant rooms in our house. More importantly, Gary Bai won't come here to find Moore.

Don't you know that Gary Bai had earlier given a house to him pretending it was from his foster parents? And Gary went to see him personally earlier this morning, so Moore checked out in advance from the hospital. You know what it means if Gary showed up there personally. He definitely wanted Moore to return to the Bai family. But Moore revolts against the very idea, so..."

"Stop it!" Zed's face darkened,"I won't let Moore stay with us."

"Zed..." Jean stamped her feet, agitated, since Zed didn't agree. "What should I do to make you change your mind? Only under your protection will Gary not harass Moore. If you are worried about the relationship between me and Moore, I swear to God, we are only friends."

"Jean..." Seeing Jean explain so hard for letting Moore stay in their house, Zed sighed helplessl

"Zed, stop talking nonsense, or I will..."

Jean wanted to say "tear your mouth apart", but thought it inappropriate on second thoughts.

So she stopped mid-sentence and looked at him feeling uneasy.

"You will what?" Zed asked deliberately, with his curiosity piqued.

"Nothing. Will you go out, please? I can't concentrate on making dinner with you hanging around." Jean was a bit prickly.

"Okay. Call me when you finish." Zed nodded and stopped making fun of her.

"All right. And, please treat Moore kindly," Jean warned him, still a little worried.

Zed comforted her by squeezing her shoulders and then walked outside.

After Zed left, Jean smiled to herself. She was alone in the kitchen and started to make dinner in a light mood.

She understood Zed's worry. As Moore was a single man, Zed was careful by not letting him stay.

There wouldn't have been a problem if both of them had more faith in each other.

Zed wouldn't believe it only because she said so.

He had to discover and understand the truth himself.

When Zed walked into the living room, he saw Moore watching TV on the sofa. Zed was impressed by his striking presence as Moore sat straight.

Hearing footsteps, Moored turned around. The minute he saw it was Zed, he stood up.

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