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   Chapter 416 I Appreciate You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Changdu Characters: 6913

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"What a magnificent villa!" Moore took a gigantic bouquet of beautiful lilies from the car and looked at Jean. After that, he said in a soft voice,"This is for you."

"Thank you," Jean replied looking surprised. When she noticed that Moore had gone home to take a bath and get changed, her smile intensified. "Are you fine about coming to my home? Please don't be nervous. Just make yourself at home. Come in. Take a seat. Zed will be here soon."

"All right." A smile appeared on Moore's face. He followed Jean's guide inside the house.

Moore looked at the expensive decoration and nice design along the road. He couldn't help nodding his head and said,"It seems that you've put a lot of thought into the decoration of your home."

Jean laughed and replied quickly,"Zed gets the credit for decoration. All I did is move in."

Moore looked away and admired those beautiful furnitures. He glanced at Jean and saw a happy smile etched on her face. He laughed and said,"It looks like that you've untangled all your knots and there is no misunderstanding between the two of you."

"Speaking of this, I should thank you for reasoning out with Zed," said Jean and gave out a small sigh. "Only two of us live in this big house. To be completely honest, it is lonely and empty. Jesse has lived here for several days before. She is quite annoying, but after she left, the house has turned to look gloomy. Moore, do you think I'm insane?"

"How should I put it?" Moore sighed and the added,"I can only say that you're too nice. You forget how other people hurt you and only remember the good side in them. Jean, this quality is quite rare."

Hearing his response, Jean laughed a little. "You flatter me. Other people have mildly implied that I am both nice and silly. But you put it in a more direct and flattering way."

"How could it be?" Moore hastily shook his head. "Maybe some people don't appreciate you. But, we don't need to care about other people's words. As long as you live happily, that's enough. You need to know there are people out there who truly

nk you both for having me here."

Jean had a weird feeling going on in her heart after she noticed that Zed totally ignored her.

She said to Moore,"Moore, please have a seat in the living room. The dinner will be ready in a minute."

Feeling that Jean obviously didn't want him to be here, Moore quickly nodded his head and walked out of the kitchen.

Zed was about to leave, but Jean asked him to stay.

"Zed, come here and help me."

Hearing her call, Zed had to stop walking back with Moore. He apologized and said,"Then you shall go to the living room first. I'll be there in a minute."

"Okay," Moore replied hearing this and nodded his head. After giving one last glance at Jean, he sighed in his heart and walked to the living room.

He knew what Jean wanted to say to Zed, but he really didn't want to live here.

Living in Harkin Garden did increase the chance to meet that guy, but this was his problem and he didn't want to get other people sucked into this mess.

"Why do you want me to stay here with you?" Zed walked in front of Jean and looked unhappy. He then continued,"If you want me to allow Moore to live in our home, then please don't say anything to me."

"Zed, you know Moore's family background. You are aware of the trouble he is in. As long as he is in H City... No, as long as he is in this country, Gary will find him soon..."

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