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   Chapter 415 I Will Cook Personally Tonight

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11877

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A weak smile crept on Moore's face as he heard the hesitation in Jean's voice. He knew something was up, and it only gave Jean a dilemma, so he said,"That is, if tonight's inconvenient for you, we can have an appointment next time you're available. I really just called to tell you that I have been discharged."

Jean's eyes widened in surprise. "What? You're discharged from the hospital?" Jean felt excitement build inside her after hearing the news. In a high-pitched and giddy voice, she inquired again,"Are you sure that you are all right now to leave the hospital? Don't you need to take a reexamination?"

"Well, I've taken the examination already, and the results show that I am recovering very well. The doctor then released me and told me that I only need to take more rest at home, so I can be completely healed." Moore then let out a sigh of relief as he told Jean about this.

Jean smiled brightly. "That's wonderful! It's great to hear such good news!" Jean exclaimed with a huge smile plastered on her face. She felt thrilled to hear this, and indeed she felt like this is the best news she had heard recently ever since the kidnap. With excitement evident on her tone, she said,"Well, you see, the reason why I was hesitant in the first place was because I promised Zed that I will cook dinner for him tonight. But after hearing such exciting news from you, I'm definite that he can wait, and yours calls for a celebration. What do you think about making a dinner reservation? Let's say, how about Shangri-La Restaurant?"

Moore's eyebrows furrowed in thought. "Wait! Did I hear it clearly that you were supposed to cook dinner by yourself tonight?" In his voice, Moore obviously took no interest in having dinner in a restaurant but showed great interest when he heard that Jean was about to cook personally.

"Well, yes," Jean replied with a nod even though Moore couldn't see that gesture. "However, I am not a good cook, and I can only cook several dishes, so whatever you're planning, I don't think I dare to invite you to my home."

"Oh no, Jean! That's totally fine for me." Moore hastily interrupted Jean and showed his full interest in eating the food cooked by Jean. "Since my food had been served by the hospital staff, I am craving for home cooked dishes. Especially that you will cook tonight, I will love every dish you cook. I swear!"

Jean couldn't help but smile. It seemed that Moore was capable of saying such sweet words as Zed.

Since Moore assured Jean that he was completely okay with her dishes, Jean could only nod her head in agreement. She asked,"Okay, fine, just don't blame me if it ever tastes weird. Anyways, tell me what dishes you like so that I will prepare it."

"Nothing in particular. Just cook what you are good at, but don't make it too complicated. Any dish you cook will be fine for me." Moore smiled as Jean finally assented and then continued,"Well then, I will take my belongings back home first before I head to your home."

"Wait, are you still at the hospital right now?" Jean asked.

"Yes, I just finished the discharge procedures. These forms are too tedious," Moore replied with a frown on his face.

"Oh, really? Okay, listen, just stay there, and I will send someone to pick you up. He can send you home first, so you can drop your belongings and then he will drive you to my home." Jean smiled at herself. She felt like a really good planner.

Moore's eyes widened. He didn't want to trouble her too much so he hastily turned down her kind offer. "Oh no! That would

o do this time.

"I'm totally fine, Zelda." Jean stopped slicing the carrots and lifted her eyes to look at Zelda, stopping her from washing the dirty dishes on the sink. With a reassuring smile on her face, Jean said,"I must do it by myself, because the guest tonight is special. So don't feel uneasy, and take this free time to have a rest!"

"Special guest?" With a look of confusion on her face, Zelda asked.

"Oh, I don't know how to explain it to you, but you'll see, so you'd better go have that rest now. Besides, Zed will be home soon, and he will help me." Jean said, giving Zelda another reassuring smile as she tried to persuade her to leave the kitchen for her alone.

Zelda sighed in relief after hearing that Zed would be back soon to help Jean. She then gave Jean a helpless nod before reluctantly leaving the kitchen and heading to her own room.

Relieved as well, Jean heaved a deep sigh after watching Zelda leave.

To be honest, she felt very nervous and stressed out whenever the talkative and garrulous Zelda was beside her.

She was not good at cooking, so she didn't want anyone to watch her cook. Most importantly, she found it difficult to concentrate with someone else beside her.

What's more, Zelda was a great cook, and for sure, she would feel very intimidated by Zelda and even more stressed out in front of her!

The?time?ticked?away?second by?second as Jean was preparing the ingredients and washing and cutting dishes.

The rice had been done in the electric cooker, and all the other needed ingredients were already prepared.

Everything was ready. All she needed to do was wait for Zed and Moore, so that she could start frying and cooking.

Since she didn't want to waste any food, she only prepared dishes enough to serve three people.

Besides, what's important was that she had cooked them as much dishes as she knew.

After wiping her hands dry with the fresh towel, she glanced at the clock on the wall and surmised that Moore should be coming any time now.

As soon as she saw the low-key Audi car coming slowly out on the courtyard, a huge smile appeared on her face.

Pleasantly surprised, Jean immediately walked out to greet Moore.

Jean watched as Moore got out of the car. She was so glad to see him in his almost recovered state that she couldn't help but smile wider. "Welcome, Moore!"

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