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   Chapter 414 I Will Hang Up On You

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"I know. I know. I will give an order right now to sell off my father's shares in the Wen Group." Sighing, Jean nodded her head and walked out of the conference room after seeing mixed reactions.

Meanwhile, Joy raised her head up as she watched Jean leaving in a hurry. Ever since Shirley got kidnapped, she was extremely shocked, and her nerves had not calmed down yet, but she didn't expect Jean to try so hard to raise such a huge amount just to save Shirley. With this thought in her mind, Joy heaved a deep sigh and finally went out.

On the other hand, now that the largest shareholder of the Wen Group was selling off his shares at a low price, commotion arouse in the business sector of H City.

Many investors rushed to tell the news to others and thought about taking the opportunity to make a profit from it. Even then, more investors were more cautious about this and chose to stay on the sidelines to watch.

A fierce commercial war was about to begin, or so they thought. There were those who just wanted to watch the hustle and eagerly sat in front of their computers, but after half an hour, they only observed the share price of the Wen Group fall by 10 per cent.

Those who were ready to buy in the shares, on the other hand, started to calm down. It looked certain that something serious happened to the Wen Group for the shares to be on sale like this in such a low price. Then again, if the price continued to fall like this, the Wen Group would really go bankrupt.

At the thought of this possibility, those investors who planned to buy in the shares immediately put a halt to this decision and hesitated.

One hour had passed, and then another hour with still no change.

Jean glanced at the stock chart of the Wen Group and noticed that the stock price had been indeed falling. Convinced that Zed's plan to acquire the Wen Group would go smoothly, she walked outside with a slight smile plastered on her face.

Joy had been anxiously sitting in the lounge waiting. As soon as she saw Jean come out of the office, she stood up and hurriedly walked towards her. "How is it going now?" Joy asked in haste.

"Nobody has bought our shares at the moment. It seems that many investors have guessed that a serious incident may have happened in the company, so most investors dare not buy them. However, I still have some hope that there would be some other investors who still want to buy them but are waiting until our share price drops to a certain low point." Pretending to show a helpless expression, Jean told Joy with a deep sigh.

Joy's eyes widened in surprise. "Oh, my God! How can that be?" she exclaimed. Being struck by the news, Joy staggered a few steps backwards and seemed deeply overwhelmed in a negative way.

Deep inside, Jean enjoyed Joy's extremely depressed expression with satisfaction, but she did not dare to show this. When she had enjoyed watching Joy enough, she came forward and patted Joy on the shoulder in consolation. "It's all right. As long as the Wen Group hasn't gone bankrupt, someone will eventually buy these shares in the end." She comforted Joy in great affection, but only in order to aggravate her uneasiness.

Sure enough, with Jean's comfort, Joy felt even more desperate and was about to cry. A few moments later, Joy's eyes lit up once more in anxiety. "But then, if they won't sell for much, how can we raise the one hundred million ransom by six o'clock tomorrow morning? What happens then?"

"Don't worry. Regardless of how much we can sell the shares, we will surely raise enough money to save Shirley any way." Still continuing the act, Jean said in a firm tone.

Joy's face relaxed a bit. "Thank you, Jean." She then reached out to grab Jean's hand and continued,"I didn't realize that of all people, you were the only one willing to save Shirley at this critical situation."

Jean was shocked. She didn't expect Joy to suddenly grab her hand. For a moment, she was

im in a huff.

"Oh no. Zed, please stop. If you go on talking about it, I will hang up on you!" Jean threatened angrily from embarrassment.

Hearing Jean warned him like this, Zed had to change the subject with regret. "All right! I know my little wife is too thin-skinned for jokes like these. Well then, go home quickly and have a good rest. I'll come back to accompany you as soon as I have finished my work."

"All right. See you later." Jean nodded and after bidding each other goodbye, she hung up.

Jean was in a good mood and a big smile was kept plastered on her face as she thought of the conversation on the phone she just had with Zed. She was humming while she was tidying up and left the Wen Group with a huge grin on her face.

As she was out of the gate of the Wen Group, Jean turned around and looked back at the tall and magnificent building with glass windows that sparkled as the sun shone on it.

She couldn't help but heave a deep sigh at how it was going to turn out.

Henry spent almost half his life and risked all he had to lose just so he could give life to this building.

However, the large enterprise that had been made from blood, sweat, and tears only took a short amount of time for it to get bankrupt.

Decades of painstaking efforts could dissipate overnight, and that was why most people could not stand the blow of failure and had sunk into an extreme depression ever since. Some even ended their lives just so they couldn't watch their life's worth efforts burn into dust.

Jean shook her head helplessly in efforts to remove these thoughts inside her head. Then, she got into the Bentley, and Toby drove her all the way home.

As soon as the car was halfway through, Jean's phone rang. She looked at the caller ID and smiled.

"Hello, Moore," she greeted. Her mood naturally relaxed at Moore's call, and once more, she couldn't help but smile. "How are you doing these days? You took me in and helped me a few days ago, but I haven't thanked you yet."

"If you really want to thank me, then come out and treat me to dinner tonight!" Moore said with a bright smile on his face.

"Dinner with you tonight?" Jean swallowed a lump on her throat and became a little hesitant. After all, she had promised Zed that she would cook for him tonight. Then again, Moore was her good friend, and he also helped her a lot that day. If it hadn't been for him, she would have had spent the night in the streets. She would be very sorry if she refused him, but she would also feel guilty if she had to cancel with Zed tonight. 'Oh no, what should I do?' she thought with a frown on her face.

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