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   Chapter 413 I Will Definitely Take Revenge From Them

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9620

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Without having any new response from the other side of the phone for quite a while, something popped into Zed's mind and an understanding smile appeared on his face. He said,"Well, if you want to continue pleading for Shirley Wen, I have no other choice but to stay in the company for a few days. And I won't come back until you think it is over. Lately, you know, we've been arguing about the matters of the Wen family, and I am really tired of this...…"

All of a sudden, Henry panicked at Zed's words. He hung up the phone quickly with his trembling finger and looked at Jean with a complex look on his face.

Seeing Henry hang up the phone hastily without saying a word, a surprised look came over Jean's face. She fixed her eyes on him and asked,"Father, what did Zed say?"

"No…… nothing……" replied Henry with a flushed face. Quickly, he added,"Since he refuses to help, we'll try another way."

Seeing Henry's reaction, Jean let out a sigh. "What else can we do? The only way now is to raise money from the Wen Group. Otherwise, there is no other way out of this mess! Father, you have to make your decision as soon as possible. The kidnappers only gave us three days to prepare the ransom money. It is the second day today. So if you keep delaying like this, I'm afraid that Shirley's safety……" Jean stopped and flashed a quick glance at Henry's expression.

She paused on purpose, pretending to be sad.

Henry's heart strongly ached at Jean's words. He knew she had a point and was speaking the truth. Letting out a heavy sigh, he said,"Fine, let's go with your plan. You go ahead and sell the shares of the Wen Group and raise the money to save Shirley as soon as possible."

"Father, there are only two days left and the amount of money we need is so large. People will know our dilemma as soon as we start to sell our shares. Under the circumstance, there is a chance for the stock price to go down..."

Jean analyzed the current situation perplexedly.

"I know, but we have no other choice now. Just raise the money, no matter how low the price is," replied a pale-looking Henry. He waved at Jean and added,"Hurry up! Jean." Taking a moment, he continued,"You know, if the same accident happened to you, I would have definitely saved you, no matter what the cost is. No hesitancy would have been shown from my side."

A faint sneer crossed her face. But soon, she put on a sweet smile on her face and replied,"I see, father. I will try my best to do it. You just have a good rest here and wait for the good news!"

"Well, I'm sure I can trust you with the Wen Group. Now go ahead!" Henry said to Jean and waited for her to get the work started.

"Alright, I'm leaving now," replied Jean with a smile on her face. Then she turned and walked towards the door.

After walking for a while, Jean got into the car, in which Toby had been waiting for h

ked Jean. Thinking more, she added,"Did the kidnappers call again?"

"Yes, they did. And that's why I came to you," replied Joy quickly.

"What did they say this time?" Jean asked in a concerned tone and had a frown on her face.

Moreover, she felt more anxious when she heard that there was another call from the kidnappers. Everything was happening so quickly and she didn't have a proper plan yet. They had come to an agreement with the kidnappers and according to it, they had to give the money before they could have Shirley back.

'How dare the kidnappers call again at such a crucial time? Aren't they afraid that we've called the police and the police might trace them?' wondered Jean internally feeling disturbed.

"They called to threaten me again. Also, they warned me what would happen if they didn't get the money on time. Lastly. they told me to speed up on raising the money because the deadline is sharp six o'clock tomorrow morning. Otherwise, they are going to hurt Shirley," cried a pale Joy.

"They want the money early now?" exclaimed Jean with her eyebrows knitted.

"Have you discussed it with Henry today?" asked Joy. Noticing that Jean really meant to figure out a way to save Shirley, Joy felt relieved in her heart.

"I did talk with him instead I talked him into it. That's why I held this meeting with the board of directors just now. It was to make sure if there is anyone who wants to buy the Wen Group's shares. Unfortunately, no one is willing to do so. It looks like we have no other choice but to sell out our shares. And I'm really worried about that. I mean, those who know about our situation might take advantage of this and lower the prices for their own benefit….."

"But we have to do that, no matter how low the price is," Joy replied hastily before Jean could finish her words. And Joy added,"Jean, we have to hurry up because we are running out of time."

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