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   Chapter 412 Do You Think We Should Save Her

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6919

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'Even though I am also his biological daughter, the treatment that I receive is a lot different than what Shirley receives now.

If I was kidnapped, Henry wouldn't even pay a cent to the kidnapper.'

As this thought crossed her mind, a sense of bitterness took over Jean.

She tried to suppress this feeling and watched Henry silently. She said,"So will you save her or not?"

"Do you think we should save her?" Henry avoided her question by asking another question. He knew that if Jean realized what he was thinking about, she would get emotional.

"I will follow whatever you say. As you have said earlier, without your permission, I can't use a single penny of Wen Group," Jean replied with a clear and sharp voice.

Henry became silent due to the awkward situation.

Jean watched him coldly.

He was so sure a minute ago that he wouldn't save Shirley.

After he heard what Jean said, he became determined to save his daughter.

Should she applaud herself for this incredible talent or should she give this up to the fatherly love of Henry for Shirley?

Jean was so sick of Henry's presence that she immediately looked away. She sneered.

She knew very well that Henry needer her help to save Shirley. Whatever he was thinking, Jean would only use the money from Wen Group and wouldn't compromise to borrow money from anyone else.

The situation had gotten awkward so Henry raised his eyes and glanced at Jean.

Noticing that she wasn't looking at him, he felt as if he had a huge weight on his heart.

His daughter was far smarter than he had imagined.

Just yesterday, he felt that his dead heart came to life as soon as he heard that Shirley had been kidnapped.

He thought that after Joy heard the refusal from him, she would have turned to Jean for help.

He had been waiting since then for Jean to come running to him.

However, Jean was more clever than he had imagined. She had been waiting for Henry to come to her for help.

Just a moment ago she was persuading him to do everything in order to save Shirley and he had th

out for her phone. He dialed Zed's number.

Jean was shocked and embarrassed at the same time. Her body became numb.

She had done so much for him, yet he was so stubborn to not believe his own daughter.

She wouldn't expect anything from him after this.

Henry, you got what you deserved!

Zed answered the call after a few seconds.

Henry's face lit up as he heard Zed's voice clearly,"Hello! Jean, didn't I tell you that I would be attending a meeting right now and wouldn't be able to answer your call? If you are calling to persuade me to lend you some money to save Shirley, you shouldn't waste your breath! I don't want to reject and embarrass you again."

Henry was just about to say something but he didn't get the chance to. His entire body froze and he stared at the phone, pale and numb.

As soon as she saw Henry's face, Jean sneered.

'You think you would be able to convince him to lend you some money if you ask him personally?

Henry, you have always loved Shirley. How can you sit around and watch her die?

So this is what I have planned with Zed before. He would say the exact same things that he just did, if I call him during this time.

Henry, is the money of Wen Group superior to Zed's money?

You'd better quit the idea of plotting against us. The person that needs to be saved is your daughter. This has nothing to do with us!'

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