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   Chapter 411 Jean's Pleas

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10571

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Noticing that Gregory and Terry weren't following them around anymore, Jean enquired,"Where are Gregory and Terry?"

"There are too many people in the hospital and they would be conspicuous if they could be seen just like that. They've hidden themselves quite well actually." Toby explained.

"Well..." Jean responded with a simple nod. Although she still didn't understand their intentions or reasons to hide, what she could understand was that Toby had his own arrangements and ideas.

She walked slowly towards Henry's ward and stopped at the door, giving another nod to Toby, who immediately sensed what she meant and nodded back. He then stood by the side of the door. It seemed as if Jean wanted to go in alone.

Jean knocked on the door and noticed that Henry was already awake and sitting on the bed in some deep thought. She couldn't fathom what it was and he didn't stop even after she had walked inside.

"Father..." She called out.

Henry seemed to come back to his senses and looked at her in amazement, frowning as he asked,"What are you doing here, Jean? The Wen Group has been handed over to you and it's your responsibility now. You aren't handling it too well if you're coming to see me here everyday and asking an old man like me for advice! What's the point in doing that, may I ask?"

"There's something I want to talk about with you." Jean didn't hide her intentions and told him frankly.

"What's the matter?" Henry's frown deepened when he heard Jean wanted to talk about something.

"It's about Shirley..." Finishing her words, she stared intently at Henry's face, determined not to let any expression that showed over there escape her eyes, trying to judge how he felt about the topic.

Just as she had expected, when Henry heard Shirley's name, the expressions on his face immediately turned unpleasant and angry, even more than before. He stared at her furiously and asked,"Has Joy been to see you too? Jean, you may be in charge of the entire Wen Group, but without my permission, don't even think about spending even a single penny for that wretched girl!"

"Father, I can understand that you're really disappointed in her, especially after all the things she did to you. But Shirley is your daughter, right? Are you really so cruel that you're going to let her suffer like this?" Jean continued her efforts to try and calm Henry down. If only he could see some sense! "Father! If you don't save her in time, she is going to die. And once she is dead, there's no going back and there will be no one for you to turn to!"

"She is not my daughter. I don't want a daughter like her. Why would I?" Hearing Jean's pleas, Henry screamed excitedly,"A woman who can threaten even her own father just for the sake of money and power doesn't deserve to be my daughter. I don't want her to be my flesh and blood!"

Noticing that Henry was getting more and more excited by the minute and would soon lose sense, Jean sighed helplessly and said,"I had thought that after a good night's sleep and thinking, you must have thought this through and through. If even you don't want to save her, then there is no way for me as well! Fa

Jean had intended to pursue him to help Shirley but she hadn't been planning on telling him exactly how much money the kidnappers actually want.

This was because she knew if Henry got to know the amount, he would have immediately flipped and stopped her from saving Shirley.

However, when she found out that he hadn't totally lost hope in Shirley and still believed that she could come back, Jean changed her intentions at once.

"100 million."

She looked up as she finished her words, again not letting any expressions escape her sight.

She was just in time to see the look of amazement that crossed Henry's pale, old face when he heard of the outrageous sum. He frowned and there was apparent anger in his eyes which were complimented rather ungenerously by a dark face. "Who are these people? How dare them ask for 100 million? They should rob a bank instead. Perhaps that way, they will get their money much quicker!"

Jean saw Henry's reaction and she immediately knew his thoughts very well in her heart.

If he didn't want to save Shirley at all, then according to his personality, he would have scolded and screamed greatly and then refused directly.

She was well aware of how much money meant to Henry and how much it mattered to his heart, but right now, even after he had heard that the gangsters had asked for a hundred million dollars, he had cursed them but he hadn't asked Jean to not save Shirley.

This made Jean realize that even after everything Shirley had done to him, nothing mattered to Henry any more than she did, and he still believed that he could save her by bringing her back.

Jean thought quietly, 'Well, after all, Shirley is his daughter and the princess of the Wen family. Ever since she was born, he has cared for her and loved her greatly. And the extent to which he has spoiled her clearly speaks of how much he still cares and that he is still willing to save her, even if he has to pay such an enormous amount.

With such a beloved daughter in danger, there's no way he is going to sit in peace and be at ease with letting her suffer and die?'

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