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   Chapter 410 Are You Still Shy About Your Behavior Last Night

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8713

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His arms slowly wrapped around her soft waist. He had her completely protected. Now Zed inhaled the scent of her body waiting for Jean's further actions. He wanted more than just a kiss.

On the other hand, Jean felt so ashamed to take the initiative to do this. Her mind was filled with pounding blood. Being in such a position, she couldn't think clearly. She heard Zed talk to her but his words didn't make sense to her confused mind.

Anxiously, she wondered what to do next. Her crimson face deepened and a darker shade appeared. Jean felt extremely awkward so she closed her eyes and covered her face with both the hands to avoid looking at Zed directly.

Seeing her cute actions, Zed figured that Jean must be very nervous about taking over the whole making love thing. In order to help her, he guided her by whispering in her left ear with his husky voice. "Open your eyes, Jean," he ordered softly.

Jean's body wanted to continue but her mind rejected. Shame flooded over her. Slowly she said,"I can't..."

Zed realized that Jean was so shy that she couldn't go on. He had been waiting and couldn't wait any longer.

Giving up, he rolled Jean under him, leaned down, nudged her mouth open and ran his tongue into it.

Slowly, the atmosphere in the room changed completely. It became wild and alive.

Zed gazed at her face with a faint smile hanging on his face as Jean opened her eyes the next morning.

Thinking about last night, Jean felt really awkward. Slowly, everything replayed inside her head and the blushed crimson returned. She moved her eyes away to avoid looking directly at Zed.

"What's up? You are blushing, Jean. Are you still shy about your behavior last night?" Zed teased in a joyful voice as he caught the sight of her red face. He propped up his head with his hands and looked at Jean.

"Nothing… No, I'm not..." Jean stammered. She had never expected Zed would say this.

"Alright! Forget it. I have something to tell you, Jean," Zed said as he realized Jean felt anxious about his teasing. He wanted to give her a rest and change the topic.

"What?" Jean turned to face Zed instantly and looked at him with a confused look.

"I have planned to arrange Toby, Gregory and Terry to look after you. Their duty is to make sure you are safe," Zed said seriously as he gazed at Jean.

"Gregory's and Terry's job is to protect you. If you give them to me, you have to get the others to replace this position, don't you?" Jean questioned feeling worried.

She had already figured out that Toby was responsible for Zed's safety earlier.

But then Zed as

ened the car door for her, then Jean got into the car. She couldn't help looking over the inside of the car.

'The inside is luxurious, too. And this leather sofa is so soft. What a comfortable sofa it is!' Jean screamed inside.

'Although the cars I used before are limited edition, I suppose this must be Zed's most expensive car, ' Jean's mind told her.

A while later, Toby started the car and carefully drove on the road.

Suddenly, something nudged Jean so she raised her head and looked outside the car.

That was when she saw an Audi was following her behind. Inside, Gregory and Terry were sitting.

"Are they starting work now?" Jean looked at Toby and asked with a look of resignation.

"It's Mr. Zed's order. We have to follow his rules," Toby replied in an indifferent tone.

Jean nodded her consent and didn't say anything more.

However, she felt a twinge of fear inside after she realized what she was going to face. Their careful protection made her feel even more anxious.

On the other hand, Jean also felt somehow excited since she was going to figure out the reason of Winner's death on her own. She didn't realized how dangerous it would be.

The fact that Zed had sent three of his bodyguards to protect her made Jean realize the seriousness of this dangerous plan. She felt nervous and excited all at once.

Somehow, she never meant to get Zed involved but she actually dragged him down into this mess.

'Anyway, I am here to find the truth and willing to do whatever it takes, ' Jean made up her mind.

A while later, they arrived at the hospital. Jean got out of the car at the entrance and stood there waiting for Toby while he parked the car. Then they went to visit Henry together.

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