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   Chapter 409 Please, Don't Get Involved

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9708

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After hearing Jean's analysis of the situation, Zed succumbed into silence.

He didn't believe what Jean had speculated before, but right now, he realized that this matter wasn't as simple as it appeared.

This kidnapping incident was definitely not just about money.

Zed's eyes lit up. "Jean, we'd better call the police!" He suggested at Jean, whose face scrunched into a frown.

"The police?" Jean bit the bottom of her lip. With a wry smile, she replied," I also thought about calling the police before, but it seems that things are getting more complicated than it already is. I've thought about this several times, and I don't think it is a good idea to involve the police. They may wake a sleeping dog."

With a puzzled expression, Zed face turned into a frown, not understanding what she meant by that.

As she immediately noticed the look of confusion in Zed's eyes, Jean sighed, and with a patient voice, she explained. "Just think about it. If it is a simple kidnap for ransom, the problem can be just solved by giving money to the kidnappers. However, these suspects asked a ransom of 100 million bucks! Can you imagine that? You of all people know very well that's not a small sum to just give out! This means then that Shirley is in a very dangerous situation, more dangerous than what we have thought it would be.

If we indeed call the police, you know paper cannot wrap fire no matter how confidential this situation could be. What's more, we don't know how long it would take the police to solve this case. It is also possible that once the suspects know that we got the police involved, they might hurt Shirley or worse comes to worst, kill her."

Zed looked at her, trying to absorb what she was trying to tell him. He nodded slowly and then suddenly felt confused again. "Something is telling me that you have other ideas," he asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

Jean couldn't help but give him a bitter smile and replied," Yes, I do have. I have thought about this well enough. If we call the police, there will be two results. One is that the suspects are all captured, which is then the best outcome. But what if the kidnappers get to escape successfully and even kill Shirley for the matter? Then I will never find out how Winner died and who did it. I must find out the truth whatever it takes."

"So do you really think that Shirley killed Winner?" Zed's forehead creased and brows furrowed into a frown. He was waiting for her answer.

"Well, who else could it be? This idea is getting stronger every minute in my mind," Jean told Zed truthfully without reservation.

Zed let out a heavy sigh. "Fine!" He finally said. "Since you don't want to call the police, I'm in."

Although she already knew that Zed would be willing to help her in any way, his words still surprised Jean so much that her eyes widened in shock and she hastily turned down his offer.


Hearing the shyness in Jean's tone, Zed saw the pleas in her eyes, and heaving a sigh, he closed his eyes. "Okay, fine! My eyes are closed, my darling wife!"

His sweet wife was so bashful. If he made the first move, he was afraid that she would be ashamed and give up treating him! In the end, it would be him, who would suffer the loss, so he followed Jean's instructions and relented.

As soon as she saw Zed's eyes closed, she gave out a soft sigh of relief, embarrassment now fading out of her system.

However, she had a problem. She didn't know how to start, and as she stared at Zed, panic started to set in her instead.

He was patiently waiting for her! Do something!

But how should she start?

Jean then started to reminisce the moments they had before where Zed initiated, similar to this, but this time it was her who had to make the first move.

She thought, imagining every movement. It seemed that it should start from a kiss and then...

Her face flushed red as an apple as she slowly bent over onto Zed, placing her lips on his.

The moment her lips touched Zed's soft ones, her adrenaline immediately kicked in, and she felt like she was flying into cloud nine.

Her mind became completely blank, and all she could hear was her rapid heartbeat. 'Can Zed hear it, too? I hope not.'

She suddenly realized how wonderful it was to take initiative and understood then Zed's place. Her nervousness was now washed away by excitement.

She could feel every part of her dance and tingle in delight.

"Jean." Jean's thoughts and feelings were interrupted by Zed. He could feel Jean's soft and warm lips on him, but she didn't take any further action, which made him feel anxious in anticipation. He couldn't wait to roll over and turn her back on the bed, and pounce on her in a hurry.

"Will you start now? I really can't wait any longer," he said with a playful smile plastered on his face.

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