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   Chapter 408 One Hundred Million Dollars

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8119

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"What did they say when they called you?" Jean enquired once more.

Zed, on the other hand, was simply sitting there sipping his coffee peacefully, with a tint of admiration in his eyes for his wife.

He had overlooked her abilities before and had wrongly thought that she was weak, especially because Jean had followed Henry's order to marry him just for a piece of land.

After their marriage, Jean's real temperament was revealed slowly and gradually. To his surprise, she had even succeeded in getting the land back for him.

Now she was completely calm and composed when enormous problems had come up, acting logically and meticulously as she inquired about the details, just like a well-trained policeman.

It was really amazing to see her wisdom and mindset.

Zed was excited. He had seen Jean grow all the way

and she was his wife.


Zed savored the delicious word in his mind meticulously as a satisfied smile appeared across his face.

"They used a burner phone or the internet to call me. They said Shirley was in their hands and if I want to keep her alive, I'll have to pay a hundred million dollars! They said that if I called the police, they will kill her immediately. And I won't be able to see my daughter ever again."

Joy got worked up again, as she spoke about her daughter's kidnapping.

"A hundred million?" The amount was completely beyond their imagination. Secretly, Jean stole a glance towards her husband and they tactfully shared a suspicious glance.

Everyone on the street actually knew what the Wen Group was actually worth in its stock or funds, but

the kidnappers had easily demanded a sky-rocketing price of a hundred million dollars.

With a sudden smile, Jean fixed her steady eyes on Joy sitting across her. "So you agreed to their demand without thinking? Do you believe that they will really set Shirley free after you pay such a hefty ransom?" She asked.

"What else was there for me to do? If I hadn't agreed, they would have killed her instantly!" Joy had completely broken down and was now dabbing her eyes as she cried.

"You know that Wen Group does not have that kind of money at all, don't you?" Jean reminded her ruthlessly.

"I know." Joy glanced at Zed who was sitting besides Jean as she heard the bad news. "Wen Group doesn't have the money, Jean. But you can try and raise the amount, can't you Jean? Just to save Shirley? After all, sh

arsh once again which embarrassed Joy. Jean continued,"All right, I know pretty much everything now. You go back home and first of all, try to calm down a bit. Don't panic and don't let them detect your fear. Otherwise they will blackmail you once again."

"Okay." Joy nodded hurriedly.

At this point, she was so distraught that she didn't know what to think or do at all.

"Very well! We'll leave now." After saying that, Jean stood up and looked at Zed who was sitting besides her.

Zed nodded, took Jean's hand, and they walked out together.

"What do you think about it?" After they got into the car, Jean asked.

"A hundred million dollars. The amount is astronomical even for the entire Wen Group. Unless you sell the entire company, all shares alike, you can't even get half the amount," Zed said as he drove towards home.

"Yeah. Why would the kidnappers be so confident that Joy would be able to have such an insane amount of money for ransom?" Jean asked in suspicion. "And if Joy can't pay that amount, they will kill Shirley immediately."

As she spoke, her mind suddenly saw the light. She looked towards Zed immediately.

Zed seemed to have thought of something at the same time and when he saw the excitement on Jean's face, he smiled bitterly. "I hope it is not as you imagined, or it would be really bad."

"No. The kidnappers don't want the ransom at all. If I guessed it right, what they really want is Shirley's life. But this still doesn't make sense. It would be really inconceivable that they kill Shirley just because Shirley couldn't pay for them after they killed Winner."

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