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   Chapter 407 Kidnapping

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10902

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Noticing the terrible anger in Jean's voice, Zed was extremely sad and gave her a sorrowful stare. It was evident from her angry look that she was mad at him. Clearly, he had misinterpreted her feelings a few moments ago.

Immediately, an apologetic look clouded his face as he reached over a hand and tried to tidy her dress. "I'm sorry, Jean. Please forgive me for that," he apologized in a sad tone.

"I……" Jean wanted to say something but she ended up merely biting her lips sheepishly. When she saw the stoic expression on his face, there was no way she could bear blaming him anymore.

She knew very clearly just how much Zed had been accusing and repressing himself because of their indifference in the past few days.

And clearly for a man, this must have been something really difficult to go through, especially for a man like Zed. Also, it was totally normal for men in that age to feel energetic and excited fast.

"Look, I am going to be worried if you go and see Joy alone anyway. So I'll take you there," Zed told her. He took several deep breaths before picking up his car keys, and waited a few steps away for Jean to get up.

The guilt she felt in her heart was now becoming even stronger by the second. She looked at Zed and began to say in a low voice,"Or before that, we can……"

She didn't quite finish her words, as if she was in a sea of shyness that sprayed its redness all over her cheeks like an apple colored by a tree.

And no matter what, she knew Zed would understand what she was saying anyway.

All of a sudden, his face was covered by an expression of intense amazement and he couldn't help smiling. "Jean, I am really happy to hear you say that. Now, I am sure that you do care about my feelings. But you are right! There is something you need to deal with first. And it is a matter of someone's life or death. We should not try and end up coveting the pleasures of life in such a hurry…… The two of us still have a long way to go together," Zed replied in a gentle tone, looking Jean in the eyes.

Jean felt really touched at his words and she held his hand involuntarily. "I'm so glad you feel that way and said the same. All right, we'll go deal with the other thing right now!"

Jean dragged him outside.

On the other side, there was disappointment written on Zed's face in a quiet manner. But he did not want to upset Jean by letting her see his sad and disappointed expressions, so he wipe it off his face soon. The words he had just said a moment ago were meant to comfort Jean and of course, for the sake of the situation they were in at that moment.

But in his heart, he was still hoping that Jean would put him in the first place and think of him whenever and wherever possible.

'Oh Zed Qi, are you kidding yourself? I can't believe you can be such a childish person.

Jean is a human being, not a robot or a computer!

How can you force her to have you as the only one in her heart, you moron? And that too just to take care of all your emotions?

You are so selfish!' Zed threw away his feelings and rebuked himself.

Just as he was about to kick himself in his mind too, Jean suddenly stood on tiptoes which was the only way she could reach his cheeks and gave him a quick kiss over

tone,"Have the kidnappers gotten in touch with you?"

Joy had been telling herself to calm down.

Since Shirley's accident, she had been begging for help from all sides around her, on the watch for anyone who would offer her any sort of help.

'Finally, Jean came to see me, I must not screw it up, ' she told herself in her mind.

She had thought that Jean would take this opportunity to humiliate her heartily. After all, she had been so bad to her some days before.

'She just refuses to look at me right now, but I'm okay with that, especially if it gets Shirley back!' Joy comforted herself internally.

For a second, she did not know how to respond when she heard Jean's sudden question.

Meanwhile, Jean picked up the coffee cup in front of her and took a sip patiently, as if she was not really eager for a reply.

"Yes, they called me. Sometime around noon," Joy hastily replied. She had suddenly come back to reality.

"And how long ago was Shirley kidnapped?" Jean enquired further.

It had happened fast. Just this morning, Shirley had been visiting Henry at the hospital, after which, she had been kidnapped at some point of time. And the criminals had called Joy at around noon. Really fast!

"We stepped out from the gate of the hopital together, and then Shirley left for somewhere. I did not ask where she was going. Nor did I pay much attention to that," Joy murmured. She tried to explain but the way she was speaking sounded like she was hiding something from them.

Hearing Joy's words, Jean suddenly let out a sigh of relief internally. The fact that the kidnappers had achieved their feat in broad daylight clearly illustrated one thing. Either that they were so bold that they did not care about the public at all, or, just like Jean had thought the first time she had heard the news, Shirley had known them in the first place and had followed them obediently without the least resistance.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for any number of men, no matter how armed, to do it so quietly without drawing anyone's attention. After all, anyone being kidnapped would have made a lot of noise if it was real kidnapping!

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