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   Chapter 406 Yes, Mr. Husband

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7971

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"Is there anything suspicious?" Zed looked at Jean and he immediately understood her intention.

"I'll tell you that but later. Now, the most important thing is to promise Joy to save Shirley." Jean held the phone in her hand and replied.

Zed knew that he was unable to prevent Jean from doing this, so he just nodded his head helplessly.

"Joy, no matter how many personal?animosities we had before, I still feel sad to hear that Shirley is kidnapped. I promise you that I will try my best to save Shirley. But I cannot promise you that I will succeed in it," Jean said to Joy, trying to calm her down.

"Jean... Really? It's so nice of you to say yes. I know that you're a kind-hearted girl. After what we did to you, you are still helping us. It is all my fault. I was a bastard." Joy burst into tears and was filled with gratitude.

"Where are you now? I'll be over there now," Jean said. She wanted to help her soon. "Let's meet and then you can tell me exactly what happened."

Joy was stunned by Jean's words. She hadn't expected that Jean would ask to see her so soon. "Let's meet outside. I'm afraid that those kidnappers are still watching me," she replied in a hurry.

"Well, let's meet at the Left Bank Cafe in Wanda Plaza." Then Jean hung up the phone.

She raised her head to look up at Zed. As expected, he was looking at her with worry and disapproval.

So Jean held Zed's hand with a sweet smile on her face. She said fawningly,"Come on, baby. Don't worry about me, okay? I promise you that I will be fine."

"No, this is a risky situation and you can't be sure of your safety," Zed replied, still frowning. "If you want me to rest assured, then tell me why you promised Joy to save Shirley? Frankly speaking, I don't believe it is just because you are worrying about Shirley's safety."

"Bingo! You can always see my mind." Hearing Zed's words, Jean laughed. "I have suspected that Winner's death may be related to Shirley. But this time the kidnappers turned out to be the murderer of Winner. It's so strange. I need to know the truth. Let's see. If it turns out to be Shirley who has hired a murderer to kill Winner, then her purpose is evident — there will be no one to fight for Wen Group with her. Recently, there was a series of accidents in the Wen Family. Shirley has always been so extravagant with her money.

Besides, Joy and Shirley


Jean felt a little difficult to breathe, and when she heard Zed's words, her face became even more blushed. In short, she looked like a ripe apple.

"Zed, it's not the right time. I have to meet Joy at the Wanda Plaza now..." Jean felt that she almost had no strength to speak. Her voice was as weak as that of a cat.

"Let her wait there. You should keep me company first." After Zed finished his words, he bowed his head and kissed on Jean's soft lip.

"Zed, get up! It's not the right time for this!" Jean got anxious all of a sudden. She used all her strength to push him away, but found that Zed was too strong. It was almost impossible for her to break free from his hold.

He was too heavy, and he pinned on Jean with his whole body. Now she was starting to feel quite uncomfortable.

"Zed, get up please... You are making me uncomfortable now." Jean pushed him using all her energy.

"What makes you feel uncomfortable?" Zed totally lost his mind and he spoke provocatively. "Baby, relax. You'll not feel uncomfortable if you relax."

Saying that, his warm lips placed a kiss on her delicate neck and slowly moved down.

"Come on. I mean you are too heavy to lie on me. I feel like I'm out of breath, and it's very uncomfortable," Jean shouted angrily and bit on her lips.

It actually looked like Jean was pretending to be annoyed because she couldn't resist his enthusiasm.

As expected, Jean heard Zed laugh out teasingly.

Feeling annoyed, she looked at Zed. With a straight face she said,"If you really want to have sex now, let's go upstairs..."

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