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   Chapter 403 What Gave You The Right To Find Him

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7848

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"Yes, you know a lot about me. But it is only a part of me. You will never know how important your gestures and behavior are to me. I just can't live without you, Jean."

Zed was wrenched by the turmoil his marriage was in. He was entreating Jean to listen to him with some seriousness and believe his feelings for her.

"You..." Jean blushed a little. She hadn't expected Zed to be so naked in his feelings and say something like this when she was furious at him. After a moment, she added,"Don't talk nonsense. What did you go to find Moore for? He is one of my only friends. Why did you go to him? Anyway, what gave you the right to find him?"

Jean was seething with indignation as Zed had gone behind her back and treated her like a child who could be controlled whenever Zed liked.

"Yes, what gave me the right to find him?" Wearing a wry smile, Zed said,"Initially, I went to ask him to leave H City. But, my threats meant nothing to him. Instead, he scolded me."

"Did Moore really scold you?" There was a slight change in her expression as Jean registered this. Slightly astonished at this, she said,"What did he say to you?"

'Zed's attitude has changed towards me. He is now treating me with respect. Does it have to do with what Moore said to him?' Jean thought.

"He told me that I don't know you or understand you. He also said that I shouldn't be so selfish to only think about myself, and ignore your feelings. He asked me that I should be frank with you whatever happens and not leave you alone ever again..."

"I was right in thinking that all that you have said to me since you returned is actually straight from Moore's mouth." 'What an irony', thought Jean to herself. As she heard Zed parrot what Moore had advised him to say, she couldn't help but feel sardonic about the whole thing.

"No, Jean." Zed was struck ?by shame as his wife thought he was taught by another man on treating his wife right. He tried to clarify and said,"He only persuaded me to do this and I saw no reason not to follow his advice. Ultimately, I figured out where I had been wrong."

Looking at Zed's tender expressions, Jean immediately became soft-hearted and asked,"Really?"

"You can ask Moore if you don't believe my words," Zed replied in a hurry.

"I'm a little surprised. You didn't even forbid me to see him." Jean was

, did he teach you how to coax and please me?" Jean asked Zed inquiringly.

"Hmm." Zed nodded and replied,"After all, he knows more about women. I had no idea how to break our deadlock, so I asked him..."

Zed felt a little helpless in saying this.

Mixed emotions raced through Jean's mind as she noticed Zed's guilty behavior. "I am baffled that you shared such a shameful thing with him, the thing that exists between only the two of us. But nothing can be done now. Anyway, I saw him today at the airport. He looked very tired and haggard. Where has he been?"

Jean asked Zed in confusion.

"He has just returned from a foreign country." "Previously, I got Magnolia's address from Jesse when we were on holiday in the resort village. He rushed there by plane that night as soon as I told him. Originally, he wanted to reconcile with her, but unexpectedly..."

Before he could finish, Zed looked heavy-hearted.

"What's wrong?" Jean hurriedly asked.

"Unexpectedly, he went there too late. Magnolia had gotten married by the time he arrived." Zed sighed and added,"The god of destiny makes fool out of us! I know that Magnolia also likes him..."

Zed had become reluctant to cold shoulder Jean, after seeing Zack's example. Zed had realized that his problems with Jean must be solved immediately as soon as they occurred.

After all, he didn't want to make the same mistake as Zack and Magnolia.

Jean felt sorry to hear what had happened to Zack. Then, she asked,"Why did Magnolia marry? Didn't she know that Zack had been waiting for her?"

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