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   Chapter 402 My Precious Wife

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7177

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"Jean…" Zed sighed when he saw her get angry again. "I promise you. I will keep some distance from Jesse. And with other women, I will not speak to them at all. If I act this way, will you forgive me?"

"Will you really keep some distance from Jesse?"

Jean raised her head to check the extent of his sincerity and asked suspiciously.

Seeing Jean finally react, Zed felt delighted inside. He nodded immediately wanting to make use of this golden opportunity. "Sure. I won't do anything that will make my lovely wife upset."

Jean wrinkled her nose and watched Zed with puzzlement. "Why did you change your mind? Don't you always defend Jesse? Come clean with me. I am not an unreasonable woman…."

Jean stammered. Of course, she was referring to the incident where Jesse saved Zed.

Zed didn't know that she had already heard about that. He thought Jean didn't want to make it difficult for him, so he was thrilled and grateful. "No, Jean. You are the only woman I want to be with. I will not bother to give any other woman a look."

"Stop it. You are overdoing it," Jean replied wanting him to stop. Jean pulled an annoyed face again and looked displeased. "Won't it be possible that some of your future business partners happen to be a woman? What will you do then? And how about social events? Aren't nightclubs the favorite type of place you guys opt for socializing? Zed, don't treat me like an idiot. I am not that easy to be fooled."

"Jean, it looks like you still don't trust me." Zed sighed after hearing her words. "You are right. It is not possible to avoid women in social events or any other occasions. But since I promised you, I will absolutely do that. Qi Group now has opened the market and is on track now. I don't have to manage in the hands-on approach, otherwise why should I hire so many high-paid staff? From now on, my top priority is to keep my precious wife company."

Jean heard Zed call her "my precious wife" and this melted her heart.

Detecting Jean's shyness, Zed knew she had already forgiven him. She hadn't said it with words but it was evident to Zed from her face.

Thinking of this, excitem

red her ears with her hands not wanting to hear any of his excuses. "Zed, you have never really understood why I get angry. Now let me tell you this is the reason."

"What reason?" Zed was puzzled but he soon understood and his face showed some remorse.

Seeing Jean didn't want to listen to his explanation, Zed had no other option but to carry her all the way to the dining room. On reaching, he sat her down on the chair.

Jean didn't want to see him at all. As soon as she found he was staring at her, she turned her face away.

To get her attention, he put his hands on her cheeks and forced her to face to him.

Jean scowled at him to show her resentment.

"I know you are mad at me, but please let me finish." Zed heaved a long sigh before he continued. "Yes, I was impetuous to go to see Moore. It was a reckless act and I did it without considering the consequences. But it was only because you wanted to divorce me and I was hurt."

"So are your blaming me or looking for excuse to help yourself?" Jean queried him with rage.

"Nope. That is not my intention," Zed replied hurriedly. "I am just telling you that something you said randomly might have great influence on my mood and lead to my wrong behavior."

Jean was startled but she still fixed her eyes on him with indignation. "Don't use me as an excuse, Zed. If you want to make me believe that you can't stand what I said, then I won't buy it."

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