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   Chapter 401 A Sincerely Spurious Apology

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9513

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With a deep sign and complex emotions, Zed reached out a hand and slowly stroked Jean's furrowing brows.

Just as he was about to withdraw his touch, he felt her eyelashes flutter and move and was taken by surprise.

"Jean..." He exclaimed in surprise as he saw her slowly open her eyes and take in her surroundings.

It occurred to him that he had disturbed her sleep and even in his sorrow, he felt quite guilty for the same, which appeared on his face instantly.

The damage, however was done and Jean had woken up. When she opened her eyes and saw him sitting by her side, she blinked in bewilderment. It took her a moment to clarify that this wasn't just a vision, dream, or illusion, and then she immediately turned an indifferent eye towards him, decisively shaking off his hand hovering over her eyes.

"Jean..." Seeing her stare at him in repulsion and disgust, Zed smiled forcefully. "Can we please talk?"

"There's no need for that, Zed!" Her voice was ice-cold and sudden. "Really Zed, you've even dared to imprison me now. Tell me now, what the hell will you do next? How far will you go?"

"Listen, I was really angry at that time, and it was my fault that I talked recklessly and said some stupid things. And believe me, I didn't want to imprison you. I just told Toby to bring you back!"

"Don't even try to justify yourself with this nonsense, Zed! I am never forgiving you for what you did to me!" Jean roared in fury. "Jean...

Can you please just calm down and listen to me?" Zed looked at her stubborn face and implored. "Look, if you hadn't asked for a divorce, I wouldn't have gotten angry and done these stupid things. Please try to understand."

"You mean it was my fault that you got angry! It was my fault that made you say those stupid things! And I should take responsibility for it and say sorry, right?" Jean lost her temper totally on being blamed like that. Trying so hard not to smack him right across the face, Jean merely stared at him in disbelief and fury.

"Jean..." By that time, Zed had realized that anything he said only made her angrier and there was nothing he could do about that. "What can I do to make things up, Jean? What should I say that would make you accept my apology? What should I do to make you believe in me again?" sighing helplessly, he instead asked her advice.

Jean had thought that Zed would get angry now, blaming her even harder, and therefore was immensely surprised to see him give in to her once again. No matter what she said, he was simply being so soft and gentle.

It was strange to see him do that. She stole a glance at the clock and was surprised to see that it had only been two hours since they were talking at the airport.

'What had happened during those two hours?

Why was Zed behaving so differently now? It was like he had completely chang

ave me." Zed shamelessly and stubbornly refused.

"I didn't say that I will leave you." Jean had no choice but to sigh in profound resignation.

She was wondering how he could be so shameless.

"You said you wanted a divorce from me. That means you want to leave me." Zed refuted, even though he was overjoyed when he heard her words. However, he still pretended to be hurt. 'This trick works.

Zack is a real expert. It's always right to take his advice. As long as a woman still has feelings for a man, then the man should act tough and be so shameless so as to make the woman feel his deep love. In this way, any difficult problems with women can be solved.

Women are often dubious in their expressions. They don't often mean what they say and they don't often say what they feel.

It seems that I really need to keep asking Zack how to deal with these love affairs in the future.' Zed thought.

Hearing him grieve like that, Jean replied impatiently,"It was you who hurt me first, so I said that I wanted a divorce. Besides, I thought we agreed to give each other at least three days so that things can calm down and we can come to an understanding of each other's, and our own feelings. What happen now? How could you break your promise and imprison me like this now?"

"I dared not break my promise that I made to you. I was just afraid that if I wasn't around, your affection for me would fade!" Zed replied cautiously, striking the right keywords and chords.

Of course he would never tell Jean that the reason why he had come to apologize to her so hurriedly was because he was afraid that Moore and she would become closer without him in the mix.

"No matter how you put it, you still don't trust me, do you?. Zed, how dare you ask me to believe you if you don't believe in me? It's just ridiculous." Hearing his answer, Jean raised her head and questioned him firmly.

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