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   Chapter 400 Please Love Her With All Your Heart

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7462

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Your relationship with Jesse is suspicious and that is why Jean is mad at you. But what makes the situation worse is the fact that you didn't believe her when you saw the video that was posted online. Even though she learned the truth with time but it was not wise of you to leave her be like that. I know you were trying to find out who was behind all this but that is no excuse to leave her all alone in the hospital. Jean didn't want to be left alone. Even if she knew that she would be facing some kind of danger ahead, she had wanted to face it with you." Moore tried talking some sense into Zed.

Zed watched Moore's anxious face and became silent.

'Obviously, Moore is right!

Jean has asked me the same question before.

I obviously don't know her the way Moore does, ' Zed admitted.

As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he got confused. "I came here to threaten you so that you stay away from Jean and leave this city. I didn't know I would get to learn something from you. Today I realized something. What kind of person are you, Moore? I'm confused."

"Now, instead of asking me useless questions, you should go back to Jean as soon as you can! You have really hurt her heart," Moore said sincerely.

"All right!" Zed was touched by his words. "Moore, after you get discharged from the hospital, let's sit down and talk," he said.

"Oh, come on! I don't wish to talk to you anymore." Moore looked at Zed and grinned bitterly.

"Why?" Zed was puzzled and so he asked.

"It is because I'm afraid that if I say something incorrect, you would threaten me again like you were here to do so," Moore joked.

Zed got embarrassed as soon as he heard what Moore said. "That's because I was angry! I let out all my anger on you. You have no idea what I felt like when I heard that Jean wants to divorce me. My world collapsed right in front of me. I wouldn't have spoken to you calmly if you hadn't said those words. You made me realize what I was lacking," he explained in a hushed tone.

"I know! But I didn't expect you to get this angry because of Jean. Zed, please love her with all your heart. And I hope that you don't upset her anymore." Moore encouraged him as he patted on his shoulder.


d out what he did.

Zed ran upstairs and knocked on the door, but no one answered. He couldn't breathe properly. He turned the knob, only to find the door locked.

He continued knocking but he couldn't hear a single sound from inside. He knew something was wrong.

Zed became anxious. He went to the study room to find the spare key and unlocked the door as soon as he could. Then he walked inside quickly.

As Zed walked into the bedroom, he saw Jean lay on the bed. She was still dressed with hair all messed up. Her white face resembled that of Snow White. Her beauty was mesmerizing.

Zed was relieved at the sight of Jean.

He sighed and approached Jean slowly. She was sound asleep.

Even when she was asleep, her face was not relaxed.

As Zed saw this, his heart twitched.

'Jean, what are you dreaming right now?

Am I in your dream?' he thought.

Zed couldn't help but touch her as he regretted everything.

'Sorry! It is because of me that you had to suffer.

I'm so sorry to make you upset.

I won't ever leave you alone. Never!

No matter what anyone wants, I would love you forever. Even if I want to protect you in the future, I won't ever talk harshly to you again.

I would try my best to never let any misunderstanding get in our way. Even if I intend to do something which I know would lead to misunderstandings, I will tell you about it in advance, so that you don't misunderstand me.

I'm really sorry! Will you forgive me this time?'

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