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   Chapter 399 I Do Not Want To Quarrel With You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7972

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"Zed, you better not forget that Jean is your wife. If you hurt her, I will never forgive you." As he said this, Moore angrily got up from the bed and approached Zed to look him straight in the eye.

"Who cares about your forgiveness?" Retorted Zed as he looked Moore up and down with a sneer. "She is MY wife. It's up to me how I treat her and frankly, it's none of your business. You don't have the right to question me on anything, let alone threaten me."

Moore was unperturbed and still looked daggers at Zed. The atmosphere in the ward immediately froze.

"Zed, you better start regretting how you treat her or soon enough she'd despair of you and divorce you." Moore could not help but sputter this out.

"This is a matter between Jean and me. It has nothing to do with you." Zed's face clouded with unhappiness as Moore had uttered his worst fear out in the open.

"What else did you do besides behaving so selfishly and arrogantly? You have never thought about her! It is really kind of Jean to tolerate your flaws and still not divorce now. Think hard. Do you really believe that you have treated her well in your heart? If you continue to be obsessed with this, you will divorce sooner or later. "

"What did you say? I don't want to hear those words again!" Zed gave Moore a death stare as he soberly ingested Moore's bitter words.

'This is a matter between Jean and me. No one is allowed to make irresponsible remarks on it. Least of all, you.'

Moore introspected on the situation. He wouldn't have put up with Zed's rudeness if it weren't for Jean.

When he first saw Jean tetchy and absent-minded yesterday, Moore knew that Jean and Zed must have fought.

Even if he did not ask the reason behind Jean being out-of-sorts, he somewhere knew what their fight must be about.

'I used to be polite to Zed because I didn't want Jean to be sad and upset. I would do anything to see a smile on her beautiful face.

But it is getting hard to ignore Zed's ill-treatment of me, which is worsening day after day.

Now that Zed has had the gall to come here and talk to me in such rude terms, he must have argued with Jean.

Probably, the outcome of their argument was terrible, or else Zed won't have come and warned me to stay away from her.

The question then is where Jean is?

Where is she right now?

Since Zed is so angry and irrational right now

id with arrogance.

"Are you planning to imprison her? Zed, do you know it is illegal?" Zed's conceited words had shocked Moore. Although he had expected Zed of doing something drastic, still he didn't believe that it was true.

But it was true. All along, it was exactly what he had been fearing for Jean.

'Zed might be mad but how can he treat Jean like this?'

"Illegal? I will imprison her to make her understand that I am her true lover. Didn't she say that she needs some time to calm herself down? Now it will be a good opportunity for her to calm down," Zed shouted in anger.

The thought of Jean trying to divorce him irritated Zed.

"Zed, if you insist on doing this, I know that Jean would be all the more disappointed of you. You can imprison her body, but you can't control her heart. Do you want things to go on like this? Don't you love Jean? You should respect her."

Moore was aghast with what Zed had been thinking. He was trying to find one iota of reason in the absurd man Zed had become.

"Respecting her doesn't fix anything. She wants to divorce me." This thought of divorce was hounding Zed again and again. It was like a snake rearing its head recurrently to attack the very foundation of his marriage. Zed was annoyed and said," Stop giving me useless advice! I know what I should do."

"No. Your rationality has been blinded by your anger. You don't know what you are doing. Zed, if you still want to reconcile with Jean, you should accept my advice. Go back and talk to her gently. I know that Jean feels greatly unhappy all because of Jesse.

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