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   Chapter 398 You Get Out Of Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9556

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Jean paused for a moment. "I am unable to believe that Zed can't understand about Jesse's feelings for him. How he manages to do well in his work life is way beyond me. I just hope his IQ is better than his EQ. Anyway, I don't have enough energy to make this work. Explaining to him tires me. I do want to have a good rest and to calm myself down. So I am keeping myself away from it for a moment. However, he won't leave me alone even for a little while. How can I go on and live with him under the circumstance? What do you think?" questioned Jean with helplessness written all over her face.

Hearing Jean's words in a sad tone, Toby moved his lips and wanted to explain that Zed wasn't such a bad guy. But with bunch of thoughts on his mind, he finally repressed himself from pouring them out. His thoughts took a different turn and there was a complex look on his face. He then said,"Mrs. Jean, as Mr. Zed's employee, I shouldn't comment that much on this issue. But after your words, I have a strong feeling that there must be some misunderstanding between you and Mr. Zed."

"Misunderstandings?" asked Jean. She let out a burst of sarcastic laughter before she continued. "I know it is your job to stand up for him. But you can take a break here, in front of me."

"No, I am not doing my job, instead I am speaking the truth," replied Toby sounding undisturbed with Jean's accusations. He took a quick glance at Jean from the rear-view mirror to see her reaction. "As you know, Mr. Zed and Miss Tang grew up together since their childhood so they have a very good relationship with each other. But what you might not know is that Miss Tang had once saved Mr. Zed's life. And this is the reason why Mr. Zed always takes her side. He will forever be thankful to her for what she did," said Toby in a convinced tone.

"What? What are you talking about?" Jean asked immediately in a surprised tone. Still shocked, she was now looking at Toby's back with her eyes widened.

Detecting Jean's amazement in her voice, Toby could feel her feelings easily at this moment. And that was when he realized that she still cared about Zed in her heart. This realization brought a sense of comfort in his mind. After clearing his throat, he started to continue with the story. "Mr. Zed has been brilliant and outstanding since he was a child which caused a lot of jealousy and resentments from people around him.

At the age of ten, Mr. Zed refused to stand aside when he saw a big boy, who was three years older than him, bully a little girl. Unable to take the bullying, he beat that guy up pretty badly. Unexpectedly, that big boy secretly planned revenge for this humiliation. He couldn't get over the knowledge that he was publicly beaten up by Zed who was younger than him in age and size. That big boy pretended to be sorry in front of Mr. Zed. Later, they

was now fierce and red. "If you don't take my advice and leave for good, I'll make sure you have a miserable life in H City."

For a second, Moore looked at Zed dumbfounded. This level of childishness surprised Moore and nothing that Zed spoke made sense to him. This whole thing made Jean look like a piece of stationery. It seemed like both Moore and Zed were snatching this piece of stationery. And now Zed felt like he was losing, so in order to grab the beloved piece of stationery from Moore, Zed had threatened him using his power.

Feeling ridiculous in his heart, Moore tried to calm himself. He didn't want to cause any trouble for Jean's sake. "I don't care about what is going on in your mind. But Zed, I will have to warn you so that you don't repeat this mistake. Believe it or not, Jean and I are just friends, and nothing more. You have no right to threaten me. Moreover, don't give a bad name to our pure relationship. No matter what you say or do - I will not stop being friends with Jean. Your threatening words won't scare me. So, do whatever you want. I'm not afraid of you," finished Moore, with a victorious look in his eyes.

"Moore Bai, how dare you say so!" shouted Zed. He could not contain his fury any longer when he realized that Moore was completely unaffected by his words. Zed was totally burned up and he looked irritated and defeated. "In that case, you'll soon find out what I can do," shouted Zed.

"Whatever. Now, just get out of here. It's my ward, and you're not welcome here," exclaimed Moore with a look of distaste.

Zed gave Moore a cold look and started to walk towards the door.

As soon as he reached the door, Zed heard Moore's anxious voice. "Wait, now that you came to me, what about Jean? What did you do to her?" asked Moore eagerly.

"It is none of your business. Jean is my wife," Zed replied in a cold tone, staring at Moore angrily.

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