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   Chapter 397 I Will Not Go Back To You Anymore

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10513

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After hearing Jean's words, Zed suddenly became anxious. Sweat started to trickle down his temples despite the icy cold sting that run down his spine. "No, it's not like what you think it is," he said.

Jean narrowed her eyes at him. "Then, tell me, what is it like?" She asked mockingly. "Did you really think that you can persuade me with that excuse? That you both have just been friends ever since childhood? Zed, you have to know that I don't buy it now." She shook her head in complete disbelief.

"Jean." Zed muttered in despair, looking at her with pleading eyes.

"Don't look at me like that. You brought this to us, and I told you, we both needed this break to think and to cool down. I hope you won't show your face in front of me in the next two days, Zed."

Satisfied, Jean looked at him with a straight face and turned to leave.

Panic started to course through Zed, tightening his grip around Jean's hand, making Jean look at her hand and into Zed with a frown.

"You're still mad at me, and I can't let you leave feeling that way," Zed said with a grave expression.

'I'm sorry, Jean, but if I let you leave now, then I won't have any opportunity to make it up for you, ' he thought as he stared at Jean's grim face.

They were together for enough time for Zed to get to know her very well. He knew that she was the type of person who didn't get angry easily, but now that she was angry at him, it would be difficult for him to sway her and change her mind right away. It would take time, but he was willing to risk.

Jean frowned in frustration as she felt Zed's unwillingness to let go of her hand. She looked at her hand and back at him. "Zed, are you a man or not? Let go of my hand!"

"No. You are my wife, and we still have misunderstanding to talk about, so I can't let you leave," Zed said with determination in his eyes. As Jean struggled, he held on to her more.

Instead of getting more furious, Jean started to chuckle and stop forcing her hand out of Zed's grasp. "Oh, Zed, cut it off. It's not working anymore. Nothing will make me ever listen to you. Regardless of whether or not you want to let me go, I will still go."

Zed's eyes widened in shock at how decided Jean sounded. He saw determination in her eyes that couldn't seem to outmatch. Panic rose through him again. "Jean, why are you so heartless? Jesse is already gone out of our lives, so why won't you still forgive me?"

Jean sighed at him helplessly. "I don't think you understand what I said. Jesse may be gone and won't be back anymore, but the problem here is us."

"Then, tell me. Tell me what problem do we still have, and let's talk about it and resolve it," Zed said in haste, feeling a tiny bit of hope coursing through him.

However, the hope that sparked in him flamed out as he saw Jean's expression. "Zed, we both know that we have different personalities that most of the time, we oppose each other just because of our contrasting views. You see, we have so many problems that we can't solve them all. So, please, even just for me. Give us both a break to cool down and think about our relationship, whether it i

a light bulb flashed on top of his head, Zed removed his hands on his face. His eyes started to spark in dark light. With fury, sorrow, and great desperation building up inside of him, he walked away.

Meanwhile, Toby didn't do anything to force her from coming back. At the same time, Jean didn't attempt to escape or get rid of his control to avoid making it difficult for him.

Although she knew a thing or two about self-defense, she still wasn't an expert in fighting. Besides, the first time Jean saw Toby, she knew that he was not a common person.

She was but a weak female, so how could it be possible for her to deal with Toby? She couldn't even match him in any way.

Moreover, Toby didn't do anything wrong. He was only doing his job, and she knew that this situation was hard for him, too, just by the reluctance in his eyes, so she decided not to make it harder for him.

Getting into the car, Jean looked out of the window on her side and started to bite her nails unconsciously.

Toby stole a few hesitant glances at Jean from the rear view mirror. He didn't want to get his attention away from the road, but he was worried about Jean for she didn't stop biting her nails. At last, he said gingerly,"Mrs. Jean, I know that I don't have the right to interfere, but Mr. Zed is still angry. His rational sense is being drowned by strong emotions. Once he calms down, you can just apologize to him, and I'm sure he will forgive you right away." Silence enveloped them once more. Toby took this silence as Jean's contemplation, and he decided not to say anything more.

Finally, Jean stopped biting her nails and glanced at Toby in the rear view mirror, calling for his attention. Jean smiled wryly and looking at him, she said,"You see, the problem between us is not about forgiving or not. You have been by my side for quite some time, so you should be aware that our problem is more than that. For others, he may be a reputable person with great wisdom to the point that he has a lot of people looking up to him, but what is the fact? Who is Zed really, inside and out?"

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