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   Chapter 396 The Confrontation

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8843

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"Grandpa! You... you take care of yourself, okay?" Even though Jean was reluctant to say goodbye, there was nothing much she could do and she accepted Benjamin's departure hesitantly.

"Yes, my child. I will take your advice. Now don't cry, silly girl! Be good to Zed and don't let me worry about the two of you, okay?"

"Yes, Grandpa. I will do that." Jean's voice was choked and she was sobbing. Suddenly she ran towards Benjamin and threw her arms around him in an embrace.

Benjamin's face turned red immediately. He wasn't accustomed to Jean hugging him, but in any case, he didn't resist when he felt Jean's sentimental attachment.

"Take care!" Jean relaxed her hold and gave him a soft smile.

"You little child. Now hurry up and give me a great-grandson, you understand?" Benjamin whispered naughtily in her ears and smiled back.

Jean blushed and turned crimson with embarrassment as she helplessly saw him walk away towards the boarding gate, Dan supporting him through and through.

The boarding gates were about to open and Jesse felt flustered. Recklessly, she stretched her arms in a last, desperate effort to give Zed a meaningful hug. This was her last chance and she simply had to seize it, even though Jean was also on the scene.

With his attention totally on Jean and Benjamin, Zed didn't notice what Jesse was about to do.

Just as a smile had appeared on his face while looking at the warm display of affection between his wife and grandfather, he was startled by Jesse's pounce.

Acting purely involuntarily, he pushed her away and subconsciously looked towards Jean, wondering whether she had seen it or not.

Jean was busy seeing off Benjamin and Dan, but right after that, she noticed that Jesse had disappeared and looked around with a weird expression to see where she had gotten to.

Zed had already kept an eye out for her and the moment he saw that she was about to turn her head, he immediately pushed Jesse away in an effort to maintain as much distance as was pleasantly possible.

"Zed! Won't you even hug me goodbye?" Jesse complained, aggrieved by his act and unaware why he was behaving the way he was.

The embarrassment plastered on Zed's face could be seen from a distance and he stared at her in discomfort.

Jean saw the two of them engaged in some conversation and immediately walked over. Though she hadn't seen Jesse try to hug Zed with her eyes, she could tell what had happened from the flustered and embarrassed look Zed was sporting and the displeasure that could be seen from miles away on Jesse's face.

Taking no notice of the two of them, Jean directly walked past t

Zed's mind but he heaved a sigh of relief as he saw Jesse leave.

"So what? Feeling reluctant?" Coldly watching everything, Jean satirized Zed when she saw the expression on his face and heard him sigh.

To tell the truth, she hadn't expected Zed to stand by her.

It was very normal for women to quarrel with each other. They would often act unreasonably, cause trouble, and speak without thinking.

She was so annoyed that she said things like that to Jesse.

She knew that she had enraged Jesse terribly.

Plus, Zed had stood by her and it was evident how angry Jesse was at that thought! 'It's a good thing though. Now, she may not be in a mood to talk to Zed for quite a while!

Perhaps Zed intended to let her give up on him!' Jean thought.

"I was too stupid to think that our relationship would never change," said Zed, as he forced a smile at Jean. "But I forgot that people change. That girl who followed me and called me brother has grown up and she has developed an entirely different sort of feelings towards me."

Zed sighed, with mixed feelings.

"If you can see that clearly now, good!" Jean responded in a calm and cold voice, as she looked at Zed.

"Jean, please forgive me! I thrust aside all your precautionary advice. I really didn't expect that things would turn out to be like this. If I hadn't been so careless and reckless, there wouldn't have been this many problems between us." Zed walked up to Jean and sincerely looked at her.

"There's no point saying all these things now!" Jean told him in a serious tone, as she looked into his eyes. "Zed, the problems between us are not just Jesse. I think you don't trust me! If you really had me in your heart, you wouldn't have ignored my words over and over again..."

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