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   Chapter 395 Who Is Your Boyfriend

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7876

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Jean was stunned for a while.

'I just said that without giving it any thought.

I did not expect it to be right.'

"Who is your boyfriend? Maranda, I admire you! This is amazing. I did not expect that you found a boyfriend within such a short period of time! You must have some magic in you!"

"I am not as amazing as you think," Maranda replied. Her face had turned crimson red with shyness. "You know my boyfriend too. To some extent, we should show our gratitude to you! Without that incident, this wouldn't have happened. In fact that incident is what allowed us to get to know each other better…"

Hearing Maranda's words, Jean quickly understood who Maranda's boyfriend is.

"Yeah, you two have to thank me! I have sacrificed my reputation to make this match," Jean replied in a joking tone.

"Jean, have you already figured out who he is?" Maranda was stunned for a while and asked quickly.

"I am not as stupid as you," Jean replied with a smile. "I know life has been hard for me during the past few days, but I have noticed it. I can feel the love Ron has for you in a single glance. He is a stranger yet he helped me so I figured he was doing it for you."

"Jean…" Maranda called her name out shyly. "I wanted to give you a surprise, but I didn't expect you would surprise me instead with your smartness."

"I am really happy that you are in love with Ron. He is a good man. Maranda, you should cherish him!" Jean said with a sincere smile.

"Okay, I will." Hearing Jean's words, Maranda nodded. "I also hope you will be happy with Mr. Qi all your life. When we have spare time, how about going out for afternoon tea? I miss you."

"Okay. Maranda, I have arrived at the airport now. I will call you later. Bye."

Seeing that Toby has stopped the car, Jean quickly decided to hang up.

"Bye," said Maranda There was reluctance in Maranda's voice.

Opening the door, Jean got off the car and walked towards the gate to the airport.

"Jean…" Jean heard a familiar voice, and could not help looking up. It was Zack, whom she had not met for a long time. Now he was walking towards her.

"Where did you go…" Jean looked at him with amazement. Zack looked quite tired as if he had just come back after a long journey. Jean guessed he was also here to see off Benjamin.

"I just came back from abroad," Zack replied c

g, but when she noticed that Benjamin was looking at her with a smile, she could do nothing but smile back.

Now he flashed Zed a cold look. "Jean, if Zed does not treat you well, you must tell me. I will definitely help you punish him," he said sounding serious.

"Grandpa…" Zed called helplessly. 'Grandpa, how can you say this in front of me?

I know that you are saying this because you love Jean but this is making me embarrassed.'

"Thank you, Grandpa." Hearing Benjamin's words, Jean was moved. "Grandpa, you must take good care of your body in order to stay healthy."

"Thank you." Benjamin immediately smiled. He looked at the watch and looked back at Dan. "It's time for us to leave. Let's go! Or else we may end up missing our flight," he said.

"Okay." Dan nodded and walked over to Benjamin.

"Grandpa…" Jean was a little sorry to see him leave. Since she was a child, she craved for the elderly love but never received it. Now that she had it, she wanted him to be with her.

'Although Grandpa seemed picky when we met at first, I am clear that he has gradually accepted me as Zed's wife.

It was reasonable that he treated me like that. I am not excellent enough to match Zed.

But he still accepts me as Zed's wife and is so kind to me now.'

In Jean's heart, she has already treated Benjamin as her grandfather. Seeing him leave, she felt a piercing pain in her heart.

'He is so kind that he wants to ensure my relationship with Zed isn't strained.

No one will dislike such a wonderful man. I wish him nothing but the best.'

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