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   Chapter 394 Are You In Love With Someone

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 8978

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Moore was taken aback by what Jean said. Although he immediately gave her a strange glance, but he didn't say anything just then.

However, Jean felt his gaze and asked," What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Nothing. I am just surprised by your abilities. You were dealing with such a large business and you were still so calm and decisive. You didn't even have to blink before you came to a decision and refused his offer directly," Moore explained with a big smile on his face.

"Haha. But compared to you, I am still a layman." Jean shook her head and continued to say in her soft voice," It is you who think so lightly of money, not me..."

"Come on, that's not how I like to be described. But anyway, what are you going to do next?" asked Moore in concern. "There is something that I don't understand. Why did Henry propose and file for a divorce in such a situation? Although he is awake, he is still weak at the moment. If there is no one by his side to look after him, he is going to be in much trouble."

"Even if he didn't get a divorce, do you really think Joy was going to look after him?" Jean found the very notion and idea funny, but instead of laughing, she looked at him and tried to explain the whole thing clearly.

"Why won't she take care of him? After all they are a couple and have a son and daughter. Even though Winner is dead now, Shirley is still there, right?" Moore asked doubtfully.

"Moore..." Jean drew a long sigh and gave him an exasperated look before she continued," I don't know what people do under such a circumstance. I totally can't say without doubt if they dump their own family or take care of it. But I personally know Joy and Shirley, and know them well enough to say that they are the kind of people who will gladly share money and vanity but never take part in any hardship. With Henry in such a condition, they are sure to dump him. And Henry also knows them well. That's why he proposed and filed for divorce."

"But with a divorce, Joy is sure to ask for a lump sum of money! I can't believe Henry never thought about that. If they don't get a divorce, Joy won't be able to forcibly occupy some of Henry's properties..." Moore thought out loud absent mindedly.

"Maybe he was irritated by Winner's death. What's more, he seems a lot changed these days. You know, he doesn't treat Joy and Shirley as well as he used to before his accident. I think his accident made him think a lot and see a lot of things more clearly than ever before."

Jean sighed heavily.

"The reason that he wants to leave the Wen Group to you is because he wants to give you at least some consolation, right?" Moore asked as he s

e only for a few days?" Maranda asked. She was also surprised to know that Benjamin was leaving.

"I don't know. His way of thinking is different from ours. Maybe he feels that he likes it better at his own home." Jean was not good at making up stories, so she reluctantly said.

"You are right. If he interferes with the matters between Jesse, Zed, and you, then you'd be surrounded by the biggest third wheel possible!" Maranda replied with a laugh.

"What's up on your end?" Jean heard her laugh and smiled involuntarily. She changed the topic as she didn't want to mention Jesse.

"I heard that you went back to the Wen Group. And now the entire city is buzzing with the news. Good job girl! You should never let Shirley, the devil that she is, take over the things which originally belong to you."

Maranda complimented her with a tone that was again light and filled with pleasure.

"So you called me just to tell me this?" Jean asked with a smile. She felt relieved at once.

"First, I have to congratulate you that you finally made your way back to the Wen Group. Although Zed is wealthy enough to offer you a luxurious and enjoyable life, but seeing Shirley eat dirt really made me feel great as well as immensely happy for you."

"First? Then what else is on your mind?" Jean immediately caught on to the key word in the entire sentence.

"And... And..." The sudden question flurried Maranda and she began to hem and haw, not being in a position to answer directly.

"And what?" Jean asked curiously on hearing her hesitate. Seconds later, something seemed to strike her and she said," Are you in love with someone?"

"Jean, you witch! How on earth did you know?" Maranda asked in surprise, and even Jean hadn't expected that her first guess would be so right!

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