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   Chapter 393 You Don't Have The Right To

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10093

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Joy thought to herself, 'Now that Wen Group isn't Henry's anymore, there is no more use to be submissive to him.'

"Are you so thoughtful?" Henry said sarcastically, rolling his eyes at Joy. He had seen deep through her that he knew what kind of person she truly was. Snorting in disgust, he spoke again," You tried to hide the cause of Winner's death so that Shirley could occupy the position which should belong to him. I can't believe how vile and vicious you are, Joy. Winner is also your son, your blood and flesh. As his mother, don't you feel even the tiniest bit of guilt for him?"

Joy narrowed her eyebrows at Henry. All of a sudden, she sneered and chuckled. "You're so funny, Henry. How could I kill my son, who came from my own womb? I can't and I didn't kill him, so why would I feel guilty? Be careful with your accusations."

Henry gave her a look of rage. "You..." The rage that filled him turned into despair. After a moment, he blinked with tears rolling down his face.

At that very moment of grief, Henry looked ten years older than he truly was, very bleak and frail.

After a long dreadful silence, Henry sighed and opened his eyes. He looked at nothing in particular and said under his breath," It is all my fault. I'm such a bastard for being so blind for falling into tempting traps by a vile woman." As the tears stopped, he fixated his gaze on Joy and with conviction, he declared," Let's get divorced! After all, now that I have placed myself in this situation, you can no longer benefit from me. So let's just get divorced. I mean, why not, right?"

As soon as the words came out of his mouth, the whole room grew silent immediately. All eyes were on Henry.

Everyone was shocked at his announcement. Even Jean gaped at Henry, wondering what on earth his father was thinking at that very moment.

She really didn't expect that Henry would demand a divorce.

It seemed that Winner's death had really hit him hard on the chest, or maybe his head as well.

Jean turned to look at Joy. Seeing her initial reaction, she couldn't help but be confused.

Joy looked as if she had expected Henry to ask for a divorce, or she had planned on doing this, so Henry could divorce her. It seemed that after Henry's collapse, Joy didn't want to be with him anymore. Either way, she looked like she got what she wanted.

"Henry, I can't believe that you still have a conscience lurking in your mind. As you know, I am still young, and I can't just be a lonely widow for the rest of my life, so I am grateful for your concern. Since it seems like you are so willing to help me fulfill my desires, you should send me a check or transfer money to my account, enough for supporting myself for the rest of my life. Besides, I have been your wife. I gave birth to and raised your children."

Henry stared at her in great disbelief. He wondered how much of a shameless person she was. His eyebrows furrowed into a frown at her, and sneering, he replied," You know that I don't have money now."

reach out to the broken door, she stopped when Henry cleared his throat, asking for her attention. Knowing she won't turn around to look at him, he said," Jean, you do know that the Wen Group was established by your mother and me. Can you really bear and let the company in ruins one day?"

Hearing this, Jean furiously turned around to glare at Henry. "Don't you dare mention my mother in front of me! You don't have the right to."

Henry looked at her with sad eyes. "I know I don't have the right to, but I beg of you. At least for your mother, don't let the company get destroyed by the hands of Joy and Shirley." Earnestly, Henry implored.

Jean sneered. "You don't need to instruct me. I won't let them get away with it either. Just take care of yourself and focus on your recovery, so you could return to the company."

Henry frowned, and in a bitter tone, he replied," You know very well that it will be impossible for me to go back to the company."

"That is not my problem anymore. It is your own business whether or not you can go back to the company. I told you that I will only assure you that the Wen Group won't end up in the dirty hands of Joy and Shirley. Other than that, it is none of my business." Without waiting for a response, Jean turned towards the door and walked outside, not even daring to look back.

Seeing Jean come out, Moore and Toby, who had been waiting right outside the room, hurriedly walked over to her.

Moore frowned at Jean's livid expression and asked," What's wrong? You don't look very well. Did he humiliate you?"

"No." Shaking her head, her eyebrows furrowed into a frown. She heaved a deep sigh before adding," He wants me to take over the company, and that is completely against our original intent of cooperation. We didn't discuss about it, and I certainly don't agree with it. I am just going to manage the company for him temporarily, and I plan to leave the company once everything is settled and guaranteed under control. But only until then."

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