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   Chapter 392 Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 10857

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"No." Noticing the impatience reeking from Jean, Zed didn't argue any longer and quickly grabbed her bag, handing it over to her before she completely losing her temper. "Okay, here you are. Your cellphone and daily necessities are in this bag. I haven't packed your clothes, so you can just go and buy some…"

Grabbing the bag from him, Jean interrupted him in a softer voice this time,"Thank you." She passed by him and took her leave, but was stopped as Zed grabbed her hand and stared at her with blank eyes, unable to tell her what he really felt at that very moment. Sighing, he said instead,"Don't make me wait too long, Jean. Come back as soon as you can."

Jean stared back at him intently. She was about to instinctively nod at him, but the image of him and Jesse kissing flashed on her mind. She felt the coldness of misery in her heart. She frowned at him, pulling her hand away, and in haste, continued to walk ahead.

Heaving a deep sigh, Zed watched her retreating figure for a second before turning to Toby. "Toby, I'd like you to use this car, so it would be convenient for you to protect Jean. I trust in you." Saying this, he pulled out a car key from his pocket and handed it to Toby.

Toby felt pride surging through him as Zed trusted him with this responsibility. With great respect, he nodded and replied,"Yes, Mr. Zed." He then reached out his hand to take the key.

Zed turned to watch Jean again. He felt so many emotions coursing through his body right now that all he could do was heave yet another deep sigh. Without looking away from Jean, he said to Toby,"Take good care of Jean. Protect her from any potential danger that she might cross paths with. That girl is a magnet for troubles."

Once more, Toby replied with unfaltering respect,"Yes, Mr. Zed. You can count on me." When Zed didn't reply anymore, he hurriedly left. He turned the ignition of the first luxurious car that he ever rode and drove. He shook his head from the thought of how comfortable it was to be in this racing car and focused his attention on following after Jean, who was already far away. After all, he had a responsibility that Zed had trusted him in.

Once more, Zed let out another heavy sigh as he watched the car drove off before leaving as well.

Turning towards the curb, Jean started to slow her pace after she was sure that she was already out of Zed's sight.

Soon after, a honk startled her from behind.

Jean moved towards the sidewalk to give way for the car, and saw Zed's car moving beside her to match her pace. She quickened her pace, annoyed by the thought of Zed following her. But she stopped when she saw a different man on the driver's seat as the windows rolled down. The car door opened and out was Toby, who opened the backseat door for her. "Mrs. Jean, please, get on the car."

Jean's eyebrows furrowed into a frown, confused as to why Toby was using Zed's most valuable and favorite car.

Seeing her confused look, Toby explained,"Mr. Zed asked to me to use this car to drive you to and from your destination."

Without any second thoughts, she shrugged her shoulders lightly and said,"Okay." Jean then got on the car instantly through the door Toby opened for her.

Knowing her attitude fro

door when nobody answers it?' she thought, unable to say these words in her mind.

The crowd immediately dispersed after witnessing the door getting knocked out.

Even though they were curious, it wasn't worth risking their own lives.

Noticing the crowd leaving, Jean sighed and was almost thankful for Toby's action. A bitter smile crept on her face, and she then looked at Moore, who was also shocked and looked right back at her. After a moment, she patted Toby on the shoulder before walking into the room.

Inside, Henry, Joy, and Shirley stared at Toby in horror as if they thought that they were being attacked, but when they saw Jean entering the room, they felt quite relieved. However, this feeling of relief was quickly replaced by looks of disdain as if Jean had just imagined the relief on their eyes after seeing her.

Joy glared at her and asked,"What are you doing here?" Ever since this morning, Joy had been keeping her anger bottled up inside of her for she could not be mad at Henry. She needed him, so when she saw Jean, she finally found someone to release this fury to.

Ignoring her, Jean rolled her eyes at Joy and moved directly towards a furious Henry. She frowned at him and asked,"How many lives do you think you have? Why are you yelling at others? Do you think it's worth risking your life? Why can't you just take care of yourself? I told you again and again that your life line depends on how you behave. If you want to live longer, you should take care of yourself. If not, go ahead and keep yelling!"

"I know, all right! You don't have to tell me!" Henry replied at her, still angry. He turned away from Jean and glared at Joy, saying. "It's just that, they are so cruel to me. Winner has just died, but they dare hide this from me. That woman wanted to compete for the CEO position of Wen Group. Were it not for her selfishness, I wouldn't have known of my son's death."

Joy bit her bottom lip in frustration. With discontent on her face, she retorted,"How many times do I have to tell you that the reason I didn't tell you is because I was afraid that you couldn't bear the grief and ultimately risk your life."

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