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   Chapter 388 Stop Treating Me Like A Prisoner

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7553

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The aim was to catch Gary off guard.

He accepted the house, not because he wanted to forgive him, but because he wanted to compel him to come out and have a face-to-face talk.

He wanted to tell him expressly how he hated him to his face.

"Moore, what are you thinking? The dinner is ready." A broad smile was on Jean's face as she put the two hot plates down on the dinner table.

"Okay. Coming." Moore nodded. As he walked into the dining room, his nose was hit by appetizing aromas. He widened his eyes in amazement and said,"Jean, your food looks delicious. It smells lovely too. I can't wait to taste it."

She grinned at the flattery and after a moment's pause, said,"I didn't know how you like your steak, so I made it medium rare. If you think it is overcooked, I can make you a new one…"

Jean twiddled her thumbs as she looked at him expectantly to dig his fork in.

"It is perfect. I really like it this way." Moore exclaimed as he shoved a mouthful down his throat.

It seemed that the savoury dishes had whetted his appetite. "It is so tasty. Jean, you are awesome!"

Jean lowered her eyes feeling shy as Moore heaped compliments on her. "It is nothing. It is just that I have loved steak ever since I was a kid and couldn't have it frequently. So to satisfy my craving, I learnt to make it and treat myself at home. Obviously, over time, my skills in the kitchen have improved and now I better understand the nuances of taste. By the way, I have been noticing that there are way too many happy surprises in this house."

Moore of course knew what Jean hinted at as she said 'happy surprises'. Quiet for some time, Moore was occupied in eating the steak. After a while, he said,"He is a detail-oriented person."

"It looks like you know him very well, Moore." Jean unthinkingly said as she cut into her steak.

"Know him well? Not really!" Moore was expressionless but in a flash, he looked animated and said,"Let's eat! Cold food won't taste as good."

Apparently, Moore didn't like to say much on this topic. Immediately, Jean nodded and they both focussed on their own plates.

***After Zed got out of office and entered the car, his eyes kept on turning to his cell phone a number of times. At last, he dialed Jean's

had. Catching his breath for a minute, he looked in the direction of the estate. That very minute, he felt the air turn solid around him. Sensing another peson, he turned gingerly.

He froze when he saw who was in front of him. As Toby opened his mouth, only a word came out,"Mrs. Jean…"

With her back to the street light and her face in darkness, he couldn't make out her expressions. However, her eyes blazed with anger as she glared at Toby. She said mockingly,"This is the first time I caught you. What on earth is your job? To track me wherever I go?"

"Mrs. Jean, I am sorry." Toby said promptly,"It has been due to my negligence that you have been disturbed. Please forgive me. Mr. Zed instructed me to follow you, just for the sake of your safety."

"For my sake? Does it ever occur to him that having been followed by a person 24 hours a day, leaves me with no privacy at all? You go back and tell him. I don't need him to watch out for me. And stop treating me like a prisoner who is constantly monitored at all times." Jean snapped on hearing Toby's weak apology.

"Please don't get angry, Mrs. Jean." Seeing Jean get mad, Toby was startled and said,"Mr. Zed is really concerned about your safety. Please don't misunderstand him."

"You look really loyal to him." Jean jeered as she observed Toby. "Zed paid you good money for following me, didn't he? Is that why you take his side with no reserve?"

"I will never work for money for Mr. Zed." Toby replied without a second pause.

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