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   Chapter 387 Let's Get Out Of Here

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9306

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"Jean, are you standing up for me now?" asked Moore in a quiet tone. Looking at Jean's beautiful profile, he felt her anger oozing out of her body.

Hearing his words, Jean stopped all of a sudden and turned to Moore. Seeing the calm look on his face, she didn't know how to react. "Moore, let's talk about this later. We have to get out of here right now," she said hastily.

"Where are you off to?" asked Moore.

With her eyes widened in shock, Jean looked at Moore. "Moore, just don't tell me that you are going to take his dole because of me."

"This is not a dole," replied Moore with a serious look on his face. "Do you think that I would be able to cut all the connections with him by refusing to take his house? No, I don't think so. Judging from all the work he's put into the decoration of this apartment, I don't think he would give up on me that easy," said Moore.

"So? What are you gonna do now? Take this apartment and then forgive him?" asked Jean. She was kind of confused by what Moore had said just now and really wished to know about his true feelings.

"Jean……" said Moore with a sigh. Words failed him and he looked at Jean for a few seconds. Slowly, he continued,"I have to accept it. I mean do you think I have any other choice? At the very least, I am safe here. It's heavily guarded here and therefore, no one could walk in here easily and bother me. Instead of trying so hard to avoid the Bai family, maybe it'd better for me to rest here before my injury gets healed. Meanwhile, I won't be disturbed by others. And, most importantly, we do need a place to stay right now."

Deep down, Jean knew that Moore had a point.

Yet she found it hard to believe that Moore would take Gary's dole this easily.

Back in the hospital, she remembered Moore's proud look when he refuted Hanley. But only a few days later, Moore seemed to change his attitude towards the Bai family. 'What is happening?' she wondered.

'Maybe he is keeping this house for me, ' thought Jean. This realization struck her hard.

He had tried hard to persuade her to stay here because he was too afraid she would be without a house. Her safety was his number one priority.


Jean cried internally feeling a sudden ache in her heart.

"Are you really sure this is what you want? Moore, I really don't want you to violate your principles because of me. Please don't abandon your scruples or forget your original intention. Listen to me, Moore, you can do whatever you want and don't change for anyone. As for me, I can stay in the hotel……"

Before Jean could finish her words, Moore interrupted with a smile on his face. "Jean, you don't have to think so much about this. There is no way of escaping their offers. I don't think they will give up anytime soon

re appeared his adoptive parents who looked at him with a loving expression on their faces. But the very second Moore tried to get close to them, the face in front of him changed completely. It changed into the person that Moore had dreamed of for countless times. In fact, it was the face that made Moore heartbroken every time he saw it.

Moore woke up in great shock and breathed heavily. He tried to calm himself down but sweat was all over his forehead.

Looking at the unfamiliar decorations in front of him, his mind went completely blank. 'Where am I?' he wondered.

It was not until he saw Jean being busy in the open kitchen that he became fully awake. Things started to make sense.

With the smell of the steaks, Moore's expression became much softer. Earlier expression of fear was gone.

Truth be told, the main reason he decided to take this apartment was for Jean. The idea of her being alone killed him.

Not wanting her to be homeless, he gave up his dignity for this house.

Today when Jean came to him, desperation was written all over her face.

At that time, Jean was penniless and didn't even have a mobile phone. He quickly realized she must have had a difficult time reaching him.

The last time he saw her desperate was after the video incident. She felt rejected and humiliated. The pain and tension she suffered made her faint.

Yet somehow she looked even more miserable today. If he wasn't there for her, he didn't know what she would have done.

Therefore, Moore was so distressed and he did not want her to suffer anymore.

Her staying in the hotel seemed like the wrong thing to him.

After intensely struggling on his mind for several minutes, he made up his mind and accepted Gary's apartment.

'Anyway, Gary Bai must be so surprised to know I have accepted this house, ' thought Moore bitterly.

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