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   Chapter 386 I Should Work Hard To Support You

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"But I'm serious." A sad-looking Jean walked towards Moore. "Only when you go back to Chicago, Moore, will you inherit your adoptive parents' inheritance. Don't you already know that you need that kind of money to lead a comfortable life ahead? And since you don't want to recognize your father, you don't have to stay in H City to suffer. Don't you think so?" said Jean with a sincere intent.

"Jean, I'm not afraid of suffering." Moore looked at Jean and said with his head held high.

'I am not afraid of difficulties nor the many hardship that life throws my way.

I don't want too much. I will be happy as long as I can stay by your side and see that you are fine and happy every day, ' thought Moore to himself.

"But it's on my advice that you changed your mind and decided to stay. I regret this every time I think of it. You could have lived the life of a rich, affluent man, but look at you now..." Jean was subsumed with guilt as she pondered over the recent turn of events.

"Jean, stop worrying about me. I'm not as useless as you think." Moore watched Jean wringing her hands as she fidgeted restlessly. He couldn't help sighing. "Please know that I have no problem supporting myself," he remarked.

"Stop worrying? How can I be relieved? Even if you leave the hospital in a few days, you can't go to work immediately. You're still weak and will get tired too easily." A rush of anxieties came out of Jean as Moore tried to placate her. "Anyhow, I feel you shouldn't look for a job just yet. You have to rest for another three months before you return to normalcy."

She had already made up her mind about how Moore should take care of himself and she was determined to convince him too.

The way Jean forced Moore into agreeing made Moore feel warm and cared for. Her nervousness and anxiety for him meant that he was important to her.

'Is she fretting over me because she cares about me?' He was a little happy at the thought.

"Well, I promise. Even when I leave the hospital, I won't go to work immediately." Moore couldn't get Jean worried about him unnecessarily, and so nodded in quick agreement, making a promise to her.

"Really?" The fact that Moore had agreed to Jean without showing any resistance astonished Jean. She had thought it would take more time to persuade him, but this was totally unexpected.

"Sure." Moore nodded reassuring Jean.

"Good." Jean knew that Moo

esn't hold. After all, your foster parents knew you best. Maybe they loved you so much that they prepared this room for you,"

Jean comforted him with an unsure laugh.

She knew that her words were not convincing at all, but in heart of hearts, she was praying that Gary was not behind all of this. After all, he had deeply hurt Moore.

Instead of saying anything, Moore picked up a black notebook and opened it.

Reading slowly, his expression became more serious. At last he closed the notebook suddenly and gasped.

Hearing his labored breathing, Jean dashed to be by Moore's side. "What is it?" she asked.

"This house is really Gary's." Moore looked at Jean with a fearful look. "Although the paperwork is done in my name, I know that this house was handled by him."

Jean was shocked by the news and looked at Moore worried. She no longer knew how to say anything comforting to Moore.

With so much of excitement, Moore was struggling to breathe.

He looked around perplexed and finally accepted the fact with complex feelings. He closed his eyes in exhaustion.

The pain on Moore's face made Jean grit her teeth. She grabbed his hand and was going to take him out.

"Where do we go?" Moore opened his eyes, and looked at Jean like a lost puppy.

"Let's leave from here." Jean did not turn back and went straight into the living room. "I couldn't understand why your foster parents left you a house in H City after you signed away their inheritance in Chicago. Now I understand why. All this was designed by Gary. Moore, let's go, don't accept anything from him..." she said angrily.

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