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   Chapter 385 Go Back And Inherit The Family Property

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7543

Updated: 2019-02-04 12:13

The taxi stopped at the gate of the hospital. After promising that she would come back quickly, the driver waited outside while Jean entered the hospital.

Without wasting any time, Jean went to Moore's ward. On reaching, she asked him for some money, informing him that she had no time for explanation. He was confused but did as he was told. Jean hurriedly ran outside after he passed her the money.

Seeing her hurry, Moore wondered what happened and tried to follow her. Unfortunately, the wound on his body still hadn't healed completely so he could not catch up with her.

Feeling defeated, he tried to scan for her in the crowd. After a while, Jean came back panting. She met Moore who was looking for her in the hallway.

"Moore…" At the moment she saw Moore, Jean started to feel her tears flow again.

Seeing that Jean was sad, Moore decided to stop probing her for answers. He wanted her to relax and gain her composure.

Together they walked back to the ward. Slowly, Moore asked,"What happened? What happened to you?"

"I…" Jean hesitated and showed a bitter smile on her face. "Have you received the key to your house? I want to live in your house for a couple of days."

"Could you please tell me what happened?" Moore looked at Jean and asked seriously.

"Something bad happened to me. But I do not want to talk about it right now." Jean looked at Moore with her tear-filled eyes and continued,"Moore, could you please stop asking me about it?"

"Okay." Moore looked deeply at Jean and nodded. "I have received the key. I will give it to you now."

After saying that, he went to take the key.

When the brand-new key was handed over to Jean, she could not help bursting into tears.

Moore was shocked by Jean's reaction and did not know how to deal with it. He said,"Jean, I have agreed not to ask you about that. Why are you crying?"

"I am just happy." Jean sniffed and wiped away her tears with her hand. "Moore, what would have happened to me if I hadn't met you?"

Hearing that, Moore was sad. He realized she was really sad today. With his lovely eyes, he looked at Jean. Patiently, he said,"Jean, no matter how hard life becomes for you. You need to know I am always here to help you. You should be strong and

d not expect that they are so rich! Look at this furniture! I am pretty sure we can buy a new house with the rate of these tables. What did your adoptive parents do? The family property they have left for you must be amazing. And you chose to give it up! Even I feel it is a pity…"

Jean looked around with surprise and murmured continuously.

Seeing that, Moore could not help smiling. "Yeah, what a pity!" Moore replied with a sigh. "I regret it now. What should I do?" He questioned Jean.

"Quickly call your lawyer to see if you can go back and inherit the family property now." Hearing Moore's words, Jean suggested.

But when she finished her words, she heard the laughter in Moore's voice and her face immediately flushed.

Indeed, she felt sorry and guilty for Moore.

'If my car hadn't hit him, he may have returned to Chicago now. He would have inherited a large amount of the family property. He must be living a rich life.

But now?'

Jean could not help carefully looking at Moore who was standing in front of her.

'Recently, Moore has lived in the hospital. Although his body was getting better, his face was pale.

The tiredness on his face sort of covers up his good looks.

Once Moore completely recovers, he will definitely look like a charming man. He might even attract a lot of girls' attention.'

Seeing that Jean's facial expressions changed quickly, Moore suddenly smiled.

"Well, don't worry about it. I was just joking," Moore replied, comforting her.

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