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   Chapter 384 Why Are You So Foolish

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7864

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Even Dan and Jesse were shocked as everyone turned to look at Zed in bewilderment.

Zed nodded. Reading Benjamin's expressions, he said,"She told me that she would come back only after everything gets handled."

Silence fell on the room as Zed shared this piece of information.

Noticing the awkwardness engulfing all of them, Zed's eyes twitched.

'Is what Jean said true?

Jesse...' thought Zed.

He couldn't help turning his eyes on her. Jesse was clearly flustered as she fidgeted with her empty hands.

Jesse felt Zed's eyes burn into her back. And yet, she lowered her head and dared not to meet his gaze.

The blush was clearly visible on her fair complexion. Seeing this, Zed was immediately heavy-hearted. He turned to meet Dan's and Benjamin's eyes.

The two of men nodded at his signal and spoke almost in tandem,"The two of you go ahead with your conversation. We will go first."

With this, both grandfathers held each others's arms for support to walk towards their rooms.

Zed would be a fool to not notice anything strange about Jesse's feelings for him by now.

A bitter sadness made way into his heart as he couldn't believe what he had just found out. Looking at Jesse quizzically, he asked,"Jesse, is it true?"

Zed didn't say it frankly, but Jesse knew what he was thinking.

In a flash, tears coursed down her cheeks. Looking at Zed's confused handsome face, she involuntarily asked,"Zed, do you hope it to be true?"

"I..." Zed badly wished to say 'no'.

But looking at Jesse's sad, pathetic eyes, his heart softened.

"Why are you so foolish?" His tender affection for Jesse was obvious from Zed's tone. A while later, he added,"Can't we get along with each other just as siblings? Why do you treat me like this?"

"Zed..." Her eyes followed each of his movements and gestures closely. After mulling over the situation they were in, Jesse softly said,"There is no reason for love. It can't be controlled by reason. I also hope that I haven't fallen in love with you if it were in my control. All this while, I have been miserable and tired about my love for you..."

Before she finished speaking, pearl-like tears glistened on her smooth cheeks.

"Jesse?" Zed trembled all over on hearing Jesse's words, staring at Jesse with amazement who was now weeping quietly.

When they were kids and Jes

o comfort me. I have said that I have no regrets in loving you. Just do away with your guilt, let alone comfort me with some lofty words,"

Jesse said seriously.

"I've got it." Zed nodded silently.

"Since you have known my love for you, and Jean is not with you, I will stay." Jesse's unexpected declaration made Zed look up at her in panic.

"Jesse, you..." Zed frowned. He really wanted to ask her if it was necessary for her to stay.

It was on the tip of his tongue, but he just couldn't say it out loud. He didn't have the heart to hurt her.

"Don't worry," Jesse looked at Zed smilingly and added,"Since I have come back, you haven't treated me well because Jean has been by your side. I will give you two days to make amends, or else I will brush you off,"

Jesse spoke to Zed, looking at him arrogantly.

He suddenly felt warmth in his heart. Looking at Jesse, he nodded and said,"Okay, I promise you."

His promise struck Jean's heart with delight. She dazzled Zed with a brighter smile than the sun as she looked at him, pleased with what she had achieved.

Jean sat inside the taxi, looking out of the window. She felt confused and forlorn.

By now, it had dawned upon her that she had nowhere to go.

Things had happened so unexpectedly that she hadn't brought her mobile phone or a change of clothes.

Plus, she had no money on her.

At the thought of all of this, Jean was overwrought by a bitter sadness. She had no choice but to find Moore.

In this big H City, he was the only one that she could turn to at this time.

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