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   Chapter 383 Jesse Loves You

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 9231

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"Look Zed! This might work well with other people you've met in your life, but not everyone likes to be kept in the dark and live with lies. Now I don't know how you feel for that girl, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that almost everyone around you can clearly see how and how much she feels for you. For God's sake Zed, she admitted to my face that she loved you!"

"No... Jean, stop pulling my leg..." Zed shook his head heavily. He clearly couldn't or didn't want to believe what Jean was saying as was evident from the doubts that shrouded his face. "How can she be in love with me? How is that even possible? You must have mistaken her words."

Hearing that, Jean even felt somewhat sorry for him because of his blunt refusal.

She thought to herself, 'Why is he so afraid to face the truth that Jesse loves him? Why does he keep dodging it?

If he accepts his feelings for that wretched woman, denies me his love, and tells me that he is sorry he kept me in the dark, then also I'll be in much better shape than I am in now!'

Disappointed, she looked at Zed who was clearly panicking, and told him in her sad yet cold voice,"Zed, I am going to give you some time to think clearly about your real feeling for her. You'll also be able to understand how she feels about you. I will give you three days. And after that, I want to hear your answer. Then and only then can we make a final decision about our future life."

Jean couldn't stand this sorrowful game of lies anymore. She had been tolerant enough about almost everything in the past only because she cared so much about Zed and their marriage.

But she wasn't going to let Jesse hurt her again and again.

Jean made up her mind and thought, 'No, I will never give her another opportunity to hurt me anymore. I have been so silly in the past but now, I have to live a different life and be strong.'

"No..." Zed raised his head with a great flurry. He looked at Jean in a loving sort of way and hurriedly told her,"Jean, please don't leave me. You don't have to dump me like this. You don't even have to wait for any amount of time to understand my feelings. I don't care what Jesse feels about me. I love you and you only. You're the only person I want in my life."

Jean looked up into his eyes and noticed that he was still quite flurried. From her eyes, it was clear that she felt sorry and pitiful for him.

In the H City, many people considered Zed to be the famous and indifferent Mr. Qi. However, they didn't know that he was as naive and ignorant as a child when dealing with matters of the heart.

"I have already decided that I am going away for three days so that we can deal with our own matters and think about our relationship. And so I shall do!" Jean dec

ought stopped Zed in his tracks much like a curse upon his legs. With a rather complicated look, he stared at Jesse, who was drawing closer.

"Zed, you are back! But where is Jean?" Jesse looked behind him and, seeing nobody, enquired about his wife in great concern.

Zed's eyes foused on her face and he didn't give her any reply for a long time.

Seeing him stare at her so attentively in such a complex manner, Jesse felt uneasy and nervous, but she pretended to be calm and asked,"Zed, what's wrong? Is everything okay?"

At that moment, she made up a considerable number of explanations in her heart. She thought doubtfully, 'Zed ran after Jean and wanted to bring her back. Now Jean's not here and he is acting strange. What is going on?

Can it be that Jean didn't want to come back with him so he plans to vent all his anger out on me?

No, Zed is not that kind of person.'

Jesse let go of such a thought soon and felt more concerned about Zed. She looked at him and asked again,"Zed, what on earth has happened? Just tell me everything!" She implored,"Don't frighten me like this. Please!"

Benjamin and Dan were following Jesse as she was running out. They saw the scene unfold from a distance and glanced at each other with a complicated look. They then walked to the two of them.

"Where is Jean?" Benjamin looked at Zed and asked. He had a strong feeling that the expression on Zed's face was a little strange but he couldn't tell specifically why or how.

"She... She didn't want to come back with me..." Zed's gaze was shifted from Jesse to his grandpa. He looked into Benjamin's eyes and answered honestly.

"What?" Hearing his reply, Benjamin was completely taken aback. With his eyes extremely wide in shock, he stared at Zed and asked,"She didn't want to come back with you so you came back alone?"

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