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   Chapter 382 Let Go Of Me!

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 11544

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Zed hurriedly rushed out after Jean had ran off, and before long, he saw her figure running outside of the house.

With anxiety building inside of him, he quickened his pace with all his might, trying to catch up after her and explain to her what really happened.

"Jean!" He shouted as he kept running after her. He was already losing his breath, but the adrenaline rush kept him going. When he noticed that Jean was about to cross the road, his eyes widened at the thought that anytime then a car might pass by and place her in danger. "Jean, stop! Please, listen to me! I beg you! It's not what you think it was! Please, let me explain. Jean!"

However, Jean didn't seem to hear him and continued to madly run away from him without even looking back.

Realizing that his desperate screams might irritate Jean more, Zed decided to shut his mouth and placed all his energy towards accelerating, hoping to catch up with her in the shortest distance.

'Ten meters…' he estimated, motivating himself to run faster. 'Eight meters… Six meters…'

He was now getting closer and closer behind Jean that he could now hear her heavy footsteps on the concrete. Hearing Zed's footsteps drawing closer to her, Jean felt flustered. Her legs were already going to give up, and she knew that even though she kept running, Zed would finally catch up with her, so she stopped. She turned around and saw him running towards her. With a furious look, she shouted enough for him to hear,"Don't you come near me!"

Zed felt a pang of ache in his heart after he saw the look on Jean's face. She was looking at him with disappointment, anger, and sadness all visible in her eyes. Afraid that she might do something irrational, he obeyed and stopped just a few more steps in front of her.

Panting, he cried out to her. "Okay, I'm stopping, but please, let me explain, Jean. I, too, was really surprised about what Jesse did. I didn't know …"

Before he could finish his sentence, Jean interrupted him with conviction. "Stop explaining, Zed! It's no use. We have nothing to talk about." Tears started to fill her eyes as she was now facing him. She felt so heartbroken, and in a desperate voice, she cried,"I trusted you a lot of times, but what happened? You took advantage of the chances I have given you, and used them to let me down again and again. I decided not to trust in you anymore, and I even regretted forgiving you the first time after seeing you sleep together."

Jean felt really downhearted. She couldn't believe that he could still do this to her after all that had happened between them. She truly thought that he loved her to the point that she was the only one he was going to treat intimately.

"Am I so treacherous in your heart, Jean?" Zed scowled at her for mentioning what had happened deep in the past. He felt so helpless at that moment that he didn't know what to do to make her listen. Shaking his head, he continued to say,"You don't want to listen to my explanation, so what should I do to make you believe in me again?"

Jean shook her head, as she felt her tears flow endlessly down her cheeks. "Your efforts would be futile now. Regardless of whatever you do or say, nothing would bring back my trust for you anymore." Closing her eyes, she kept shaking her head as she said those words, hoping that she could erase the awful scene that she had just witnessed a few minutes ago. However, her efforts could not prevail for it kept

pect that Jesse would be so miserable, after she told me that she would be leaving in two days and didn't know when we will meet again. She also told me that she was aware that it was her fault why we were always at stake, and for that she apologized before bidding me farewell," he paused, looking down at Jean who was listening at him.

"To make up for all the troubles that she had caused us, she said that instead of leaving in two days, she would leave immediately. I saw in her eyes how tormented and wretched she felt that when she reached out her arms to hug me as goodbye I didn't think much about it and hugged her back. However, I really didn't expect that she… that she…"

Zed stopped, unable to finish his trail of words. Helplessly, he heaved a deep sigh and felt the awkward predicament he placed himself in. Seeing that Jean was still weeping, he continued to explain and left his previous sentence for her to finish. "Jean, I know you don't want to believe in what I am saying right now, but you know that Jesse is outgoing and sociable, and since we grew up together to the point that we treated each other as siblings, perhaps, her action just meant that she was going to miss a brother in the form of myself. So, probably…"

Lifting her eyes to face Zed, Jean couldn't believe what he was telling her now. She scoffed, interrupting him, her eyebrows furrowing into a frown. She stared at him in great disbelief and asked,"Probably what?"

Zed took a moment to breathe before speaking whatever thoughts lingered in his mind at that very moment. "Jesse probably didn't mean it that way. She treats me differently than you do."

"Zed, can you hear yourself? Who are you trying to convince here, me or you?" Disappointment flashed on Jean's face as she kept her stare at his helpless eyes that had brimmed with tears a moment ago, but not enough to escape. With a now desperate look on her face, she sobbed,"I don't know why after all this time, you chose to close your eyes, heart and mind. Do I really have to tell it straight to your face that Jesse loves you romantically, and doesn't see you as her brother? Between the two of you, you are the only one who see her as a sister. Are you that na?ve? Can't you feel the way her heart raced when she kissed you in front of me?"

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