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   Chapter 381 A Kiss

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 6422

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Zed smiled, patted her hand to comfort her and slowly walked outside.

In the dining room, there was only Benjamin and Jean now. In silence, both of them ate together.

"Grandpa, let me help you pick out the fish bones," Jean said, breaking the silence. In truth, the silence made her feel quite uncomfortable.

Benjamin, finding her question stupid, looked at her angrily. "Do you have time to pick out the fish bones here? Just go with him!"

"Grandpa, there's no need," Jean said in a casual tone while picking out the fish bones carefully. "If I don't have faith in him then it means I don't deserve to be his wife. Furthermore, Jesse has been in his life for ages, so this is not something new. Hence even if she cries, it won't change anything."

"But you are very concerned about their relationship," Benjamin said and fell into silence.

"No grandpa, I am not. I was, but not anymore. I am trying my best to overcome it. In fact, I am getting used to it." Jean slightly shook her head.

"You mean Jesse often does that?" Benjamin furrowed upon hearing.

"I mean it is the first time that she has cried. But she often puts a different mask in front of me," Jean replied, not looking scared.

"How can you tolerate it?" Benjamin asked incredulously.

"I have to because I have no other choice. Grandpa, you know how Zed treats her. Every time I try to question her character, Zed gets angry with me. If it weren't for your help yesterday, I wouldn't have managed to make things better." Jean handed the de-boned fish to Benjamin. On close inspection, Benjamin noticed her face darken.

"You have suffered, my dear." Benjamin said while he took the dish and passed her an encouraging smile. "Since it is her first time she is crying, you should take care of her as a hostess. Go ahead! I do not need your service here. What I am saying is that you should be with Zed wherever he goes."

Jean in

rst. We'll talk about it later."

"Zed..." Jesse gazed at him with her pitiful eyes. "Can you let me finish before you go behind her?"

"No," Zed answered concisely, a touch of firmness showing on his handsome face. "Jesse, please forgive me. I can't let Jean run away like this. She must have misunderstood the situation."

After speaking, Zed loosed Jesse's grip and sprinted towards the direction Jean went to.

Feeling rejected, Jesse staggered backwards with an angry expression.

Her beautiful eyes were fixated on Zed's receding back. Unable to take it any longer, she started to weep.

The sound of her sad sobbing broke the silence in the garden like a thunder had struck it.

On the other hand, Jean was walking away without being able to think clearly. She had no idea where she was heading to, but she knew that she needed to leave.

The last thing she wanted was to listen to Zed's explanation.

'He is a liar!

Why was I so stupid to believe him?

How did I not see it?

Now everything is clear to me.

Zed and Jesse were embracing and kissing, like nobody was watching.

Zed, why didn't you think of me?' With these thoughts, Jean quickened her pace.

Jean's heart was completely shattered. She ran to the gate while her tears flowed.

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