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   Chapter 380 Give Them Some Respect

Cold CEO Vs. Sweet Wife By Shi Liu Xiao Jie Characters: 7021

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"Your family has been causing troubles since you married Zed, right? Now if Zed has promised to give that land to your father as a marriage gift, then let him! If you let them have what they want, maybe they will stop causing trouble. If you want to cut ties with the Wen family, then that's your choice. But always remember that you are linked to them by blood. The way you feel about them doesn't change the fact that they are your parents. I hope you give them some respect,"

Benjamin explained. He sighed after he finished.

"Grandpa!" Jean whispered. She was shocked because she had not expected Benjamin to say something like that. Tears started falling from her eyes.

'I never thought Grandpa would be in favour of giving the land to Wen family too. What was even shocking was the fact that he taught me to treat them nicely, ' Jean thought.

Deep inside, Jean was moved. She felt loved by Benjamin, which she had not expected at all.

"I said what I felt like I should have. The rest is up to you," said Benjamin, as he saw tears falling down Jean's cheeks. He was afraid that maybe he had said something wrong which made her cry.

"I will, grandpa! I will do exactly as you said. I will never let you down, grandpa! Trust me, I'll be a good girl," Jean replied immediately. She took a deep breath to compose all her thoughts.

Benjamin could tell from her words that Jean was trying to please him. A faint smile crept up to his face.

"I'm planning to go back to the Imperial Capital in a couple of days," Benjamin looked at Jean and said.

"Grandpa, why don't you stay with us for a few more days?" Jean asked as she was taken back by Benjamin's words.

"No, it's best if I leave you and Zed alone. I should give you both some privacy so that you both could get some time to strengthen your bond," Benjamin said as he shook his head, hinting Jean that he was leaving. "I know what you are worrying about. Relax, I am taking her with me."

Jean instantly understood whom Benjamin was talking about even though he never said her name once.

"I'm really grateful, gran

ble. All of the dishes looked delicious. Jesse hadn't known Jean could cook so many dishes.

After a little while, Jesse saw Zed coming back from work. He got impressed by looking at all the dishes made by Jean.

When Jesse looked at Benjamin, she noticed that he was enjoying all the dishes especially the fish soup. 'Everybody is praising Jean.

As for Zed, he only cares for Grandpa Benjamin and Jean, ' Jesse thought.

She became sad all of a sudden.

At that moment, Jesse felt like an outsider. She had never expected this to happen.

Jesse suddenly looked away as tears started rolling down her cheeks. She couldn't control her emotions any more so she stood up from her chair and rushed outside.

"Jesse?" Dan called out to her as he knew something was wrong. He was worried so he followed her.

Jean was busy removing bones of the fishes for Benjamin when she heard someone calling out Jesse's name. She raised an eyebrow and saw Jesse rushing outside.

Jean turned around to look at Zed with a puzzled look on her face

Zed was looking at her too. She knew he was worried about Jesse.

Zed didn't follow Jesse outside but instead, he looked at Jean for advice.

'Zed is obviously worried about Jesse. I shouldn't stop him, ' Jean thought.

"You should go and find out what's wrong, Zed," said Jean. She knew she had to let him go but she was reluctant to do that.

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